encounter with jesus boy

march 31. 2000


Done one with my new Carandache watersoluable crayons...I think I am in love with these. Despite it looking nothing like me, I do like the colors.

I am pleased to report that I am feeling better. The evil Antibiotics have done their trick and I am back to where I should be, health-wise. The only complaints I have now are being tired all the time and a complete lack of appetite. I haven't set foot in the cafeteria for about two weeks. I am eating, however...my friend the Microwave has made sure of that, and so has Mommy, bringing me canned soups and fresh baked bread and cereal bars. That, supplemented with the occasional take out pizza (as was the case tonight), is just fine for me. But I have no desire to eat. This is quite a change for me. Usually, it's the tummy grumble, and, "Oh, fuck, I'm hungry, I better eat" although I don't want to.

School continues. I have less than a month of classes left, which is so scary I am choosing not to think about it. I'm not behind at all in my classes, given that I missed four days because I was sick. Four days is a loooong time when your classes are 2 and a half hours long.

I had an encounter with Jesus Boy on the way back from IH yesterday. I was walking along with Cristina, and he by chance fell in beside us and started talking about that night's Bible study, the theme being trust. I kept my head down. Shut up, Bethany. Shut up. Shut up. Keep your eyes ahead, don't open your mouth and say something you might regret...

Jesus Boy: (put his arm around my shoulder, and in a half joking manner) "So, are you going to come tonight?"

Me: "uhhh..."

Jesus Boy: "Do you have a religious background?"

Me: "Um, yeah...too much Roman Catholicism."

Jesus Boy: Some stupid comment about how Catholicism can drive you to atheism, all the while subtlely hinting that whatever brand of Christianity he subscribes to is obviously better.

Me: walks away puzzled and muttering.

I should go to that Bible study. Just to see what's up with it. Of course, the idea of me, whose beliefs sit somewhere between agnosticism and atheism, sitting around with a bunch of Christians trying to defend my beliefs does not sound appealing. At all. Mostly I think I find out that I, in fact, know nothing at all.