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May 15. 2000

I hate summer. I hate not having a schedule and something to do and somewhere to be. Until I get a job (which WILL be soon, dammit), my life meanders on. I sleep too much, I don't exercise, and get nothing useful done. Fortunately I've managed to not stuff my face in my usual fashion when I'm bored.

I still don't have the networking thing worked out. One of my sister's friends who works at an ISP here in Lebanon managed to get the ethernet card in the family computer working, but now the one in my computer decided not to work. Of course. It never is easy. I was near tears by this evening out of frustration.

Okay, so what's up with those Gap Ads? Now that I'm home and actually watching tv again, I finally got a full dose of these commericals everyone's been complaining about. Not only is a bastardization of Leonard Bernstein's music, but who the fuck in their right mind would wear pastel capri pants? And guys, especially? Do you have penises?

I am officially obsessed with Russell Crowe. Check out this website. I first saw him in LA Confidential, and was won over by his good cop routine (not to mention that flawless American accent...damn), but when I saw Gladiator a couple weeks ago, my fate was sealed. Mr. Crowe, breastplate adorned and sword in hand, now occupies my desktop. Remind me to wipe the lip prints off the monitor.

So yeah, that's what been on my mind lately.

My grandmother and mother went to Johns Hopkins today to get my grandmother checked out. When my mother got home tonight I couldn't really glean too much information other than that she was in good hands.

I found out on Saturday that another person I know may have cancer. One of my parents' friends, Kate, may have cervical cancer. And get this - she's pregnant. So if it turns out to be cancer, they're going to have to terminate the pregnancy. God, is there any justice in the world?

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