oops...i did it again
May 19. 2000

I don't know why or how it happened, but Miss Spears has me in her grasp.

I'm watching "Total Request Live" as I write this, which is a completely noxious show to begin with. I find Carson Daly to be an annoying snot. But it's Britney Live today on TRL. I was inexorably drawn to watch it. Help me. Help me. Strap me down and force me to listen to some Joni. I'm drowning.

Random TRL/Britney worshipper in Times Square who had the misfortune of being handed a microphone: "Britney, I was wondering, in the song "Oops...I Did It Again", what do you mean by "I'm not that innocent"?"

I can't explain my sudden interest in her. I mean, sure, she's cute, and she dances well, and is the preoccupation of many fertile imaginations, but I oh...I shame myself. She can't sing (The best description I found of her voice was in Newsweek. They called it adenoidal.), her songs really have no musical value. Yet I am glued to the tv whenever the video for "Oops...I Did It Again" comes on. I rationalize with myself. I'm watching it because I like the editing, I think.

But it's futile. I can't escape.

In other MTV news, I saw/heard several songs from Santana's "Supernatural", which I totally dug, so I think I'm going to have to get it at some point. Meanwhile, my CD collection is reaching ridiculous proportions.

I got my grades yesterday in the mail. I didn't expect them so soon. But get this...a 3.67. Over a full point improvement from last year. I got all straight A's in my studio courses, an A- in Art History and a B- in IH. Ah yes. It's really the absolute best I could have done. My cumulative GPA for my first year in college is 3.11. Not great, but not terrible, either. I've made between a 3.7 and 3.8 my final goal by the time I graduate. Which I think is entirely in the realm of possibility, I'll just have to work my ass off like I did this semester.

I went out with Alexis last night. She called me (I'm horrible at getting in contact with people), and we went to the Allen and got some stuff to eat and talked. I haven't seen her since Christmas, so we had a lot to catch up on. She's doing summer stock at her college for the rest of the summer, so this was basically the only time I was going to see her. It lacked the tension that was present between us before. It was a nice time.

I finally got my computer up and running normally this afternoon, after a long session with Compaq tech support yesterday and hours sitting helplessly in front of the screen, begging it to work. At first I could only get it to boot up in safe mode (safe mode is your friend) but through a rather ingenious move by yours truly, all is well.

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