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May 28. 2000

I had a nice little weekend with the relatives up in Wilkes-Barre. Good food, good company, although the Gills were there. The Gills are my Aunt Maureen's family. They are the stereotypical golf loving, beer guzzling, 9 sibling Irish Catholic family. All their kids scare me, quite frankly. They all play 5 different sports and are extremely competitive. I distincting remember being beaten to a bloody pulp by them during a pickup game of tee ball when I was 10 or 11. Yeesh.

Despite the tons of good food prepared for the party, strangely enough, I had no real appetite. Well, not my usual appetite, which involves gorging myself until I can't eat anymore. So maybe I ate normally, I don't know.

About 3 or 4 hours into these large family gatherings, I am overwhelmed by so many people and must seek a sanctuary to preserve my sanity. The den downstairs was unoccupied, so I crept down there. A big screen TV was at my disposal, as well as a nice little computer with a 17 inch monitor (yum).

I ended up watching the knicks game, believe it or not. And I was actually kind of entertained and interested, as well. I feel asleep in the armchair with the TV blaring, only to wake up an hour and ten minutes later, look wildly around me, and wonder if I was snoring. Yes, I snore. It's gross and icky and I hate doing it.

What else, what else...on Saturday night, both my sister and I were hungering for a little night life. We took stock of what was offered in Wilkes-Barre, which was, sad to say, not a lot. We settled on a movie, "Where the Heart Is", mostly because Lauren had read the book a few years ago. I wasn't too enthused because I had read a lot of negative reviews. Still, not too bad. A little smarmy and sensationalistic, but a cute film nonetheless. The considerable talent of Natalie Portman managed to hold it together.

Between the movie and going to get snacks at a convienence store and the drive home to my grandparents' house, Lauren and I had some real sister bonding time. Which is weird, because I never tried to, nor had any desire, to try to form a friendship with my sister. We're just so completely different I had given up trying to bridge the gap between us. But lately I've just stopped caring as much about what we disagree on (which is pretty much everything). Instead of seeing her and saying, "Well, what you think sucks and how you dress sucks and the music you listen to sucks", I say, "How was your day? What's up? How are you doing?".

She isn't a bad person, really. She may do stupid things and fly off the handle like any 15 year old, but when it comes to the important things, she knows where she stands and she can hold it together.

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