square eyes (or, the mysteries of the internet)
May 4. 2000

It was another gorgeous day out. Finally the weather is normal for this time of year. I should have spent more time outside today, rather than locked up in my concrete block staring at this square screen, but I hear this weekend's weather is supposed to be great as well, so I will take advantage of it then. Tomorrow is also the reinstatement of daily images in this journal, courtesy of my family's digital camera. Much joy and fun will be had for all, and you will get to see Bethany's natural habitat (think blue sky and yellow stars).

I finally got it in my head to download IE5 yesterday. I don't know why I waited so long, because it is quite lovely, and though it pains me to say it, kicks Netscape's ass around the block. So, in addition to playing with the new features of that, I also got in my head to clean up some of the code on some of my archives pages. This ended up being a big mistake because I quite forgot that my page looks totally different in Netscape and IE. And while I was testing it, I was only looking at it in IE. *sigh* So I ended up having to go back and undo all the coding I had done.

I stared and stared at the screen, my right hand becoming cramped as I manipulated my trackball mouse. My surroundings slowly faded away, I'm sure my mouth was hanging open as I stared at the little tags. Little tags everywhere...

I was beginning to feel like one of those creatures with big buggy eyes and skin rendered delicate and translucent from lack of sun.

Time to rejoin the real world, I think.

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