May 6. 2000

This morning, I started to deal with the two big messes facing me. The first is in my room.

mess in the basement

The second is in the studio basement area.

mess in my bedroom

The one in the basement scares me the most. At this point it almost looks almost insurmountable. I'm looking at a good two or three days to get through the mess that was already there before I unloaded all my college work and supplies there, nevermind the rest.

So yes, I'm home. I'm not going to go into the mindless babbling about how weird it is to be home and have school be over, because it's all been done before.

I've been trying to network my computer and the family computer together so I can have my own internet connection up in my room and let my sister monopolize the computer downstairs as she usually does. I got the 10baseT cable and the ethernet card and installed it, only to find that I need a hub to connect to two PCs together. More money I have to spend, yay. I can't seem to get the computer to read the diskette that came with the ethernet card, though. It never is easy, is it? Either that or I'm really stupid. I have a feeling I had no business trying to install that ethernet card myself. What the fuck was I thinking, for godssakes. Anyone out there that's network savvy, PLEASE HELP ME, I BEG.

I also went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and got some more fabric to make more books. I have so many plans to make books this summer, different bindings to try, different stitching and covers. I refuse to be artistically stagnant this summer. I've made too many gains this school year to negate it all by just being a general sloth like I was last summer.

I also picked up an application for working there. I am bothered that I have no concrete job prospects at this point, because I need cash badly. The advantage of Jo-Ann's is a) coworkers will most likely be little old ladies who will probably love my spunk and youthful zest, b) It is in a quiet strip mall where nothing much ever seems to happen, and c) employee discounts, which would be useful because they sell all sorts of crafty type things that I need. The computer place I was going to work at has not gotten back to me, so I'm starting to fear that may have fallen through. I also considered possibly Waldenbooks, or perhaps a caricaterist in Hersheypark, but I am not enthused about working outside in the summer at a theme park. I don't give a fuck if it's the sweetest place on earth.

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