computer carnage
May 7. 2000

Tonight, I opened the guts of both my computer and my family's computer. Both are compaq presarios, not the same models, but practically the same. Your basic dumb-dumb internet computer. I tried to compare how the ethernet card was installed in my computer compared to how I had installed the other one. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what is wrong.

I garnered wary looks from my family, several instances of "Do you know what you are doing?" My sister continually berated me for not knowing anything and saying I was going screw stuff up. Which may be true, but it pisses me off when this accusation is coming from someone who knows even less than you but continues to think of herself as some big shit just because she knows where the A drive is. *sigh*

I still can't figure out what's wrong. I installed the ethernet card, and I can't get Windows 98 to recognize the new hardware. My progress halts there, because I can't go on until I get the machine to find the ethernet card. No amount of tears, cajoling and swearing at it will make it change its mind.

In other news, I went to my sister's spring choral concert today. She had a solo, and god, can she ever sing. Better than I ever was, and ever will be. A little bit of a humbling experience for one who continues to think of herself as a singer even after 8 months or more of not singing. Lauren's applying for the PA Governor's School next year, which of course I'm tickled pink about. I really hope she gets in, because it really is an amazing experience.

She's also considering going to college for voice. Which is pretty strange when you consider her only ambition so far was to go to medical school. My parents aren't too thrilled about her interest in that, which is surprising, considering they were all gung-ho about me going to art school. Well, regardless, if anyone can do it, Lauren can. She has more talent than anyone I know and a real bitching work ethic that rivals mine.

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