ah, verdant day
May 9. 2000

the backyard, with deck the gazebo

Look, my pretty backyard! Not manipulated in Photoshop, I assure you. It really is that green. So as you can see, I live in a forest. All landscaping done by my parents, mostly my mom. Her garden is her passion, and it shows.


And look, more cute cat photo ops!


Anyway, not much to report here. This little romp outside with Charcoal was probably the highlight of my day, despite it being insanely humid outside.

I went job hunting today...I got applications from The Wall, Staples and Jo-Ann fabrics. I ate at Subway for lunch. I didn't go work out. My left eye mysteriously became inflamed late in the day today, I'm assuming it was an allergy attack of some sort.

I have to go see "Battlefield Earth" tomorrow. It's the crazed sci-fi nerd in me.

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