art angst

November 3. 2000

a couple of pics from when I went to see Ani last, 6.18.99, here in Philly with my friend Amy:

ani or bust

My car with sign.


Amy, possibly one of the greatest human beings I've ever had the privledge of knowing...she's at Vassar now.

Amy with a sign she made to find her friends, who were sitting with us.

I was doing laundry today, and as I climbed back in my car, I smelled a strange, very faint smell, but I couldn't put my finger on where it was coming from. Kind of a soapy, chemical smell...

I looked down between the two front seats of my car. In between the two is a small open storage compartment. It was filled to the brim with laundry detergent. It was spilling out onto the car seat, down onto the floor, on the E brake and between the seats. The bottle was sitting on the seat, had apparently tipped over with the cap unscrewed and poured its entire contents onto my car.

It was a disgusting mess, and I had to use an entire roll of paper towels to sop it up. It was soaked into the floor carpet, which will have to be shampooed or vacuumed or sandblasted or whatever the hell they do to clean up this sort of mess.

At least it made me clean up my car, which was overrun with cassette tapes, empty water bottles, used tissues and other crap.


The painting cam for this painting just isn't going to happen, folks. I'm sorry. I guess it's all for the better because I can say with absolute certainly that right now it looks like shit. The color is bland, the perspective is all messed up (while perspective is not my strong suit, it's ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE, which is something I learned in elementary school), and I am just intimidated by the sheer size of the canvas. Oh, let's see how many square inches I have to paint! 66 x 44 = 2904. I guess this is another case of me biting off more than I can chew. I'm going to be so embarassed on Wednesday, hauling in that huge as ass painting into class and it looking like shit.*sigh*


So tomorrow I'm going to NYC, to see the Met, to see John, to see Ani, to see Dave Koba. In that order. I have an art history field trip, then John and I are going to see Ani DiFranco on Saturday night, and then Sunday afternoon Koba and I are meeting up so I can dispense my html expertise (as it were) in the design and implementation of his new webpage.

I'm also very excited because there is an interim between the end of the field trip and when I meet John, so you know what I'm going to do???? RIDE THE SUBWAYS. All by my little self. To wherever I want. I do have one goal, to ride the A train from end to end, just because of the Duke Ellington reference. I also want to take some of the elevateds up in the Bronx (where I've never been), and I want to get down to the South Ferry stop just because it's cool how it loops back around on itself. So yes, I will be in heaven, I will be taking pictures. Lots of them. I was busy canvassing NYCsubway.org earlier tonight, trying to memorize the maps and other interesting information. I'd say I have a fairly good grasp on the subways in Manhattan more uptown, but once you get below 14th street, I'm lost. Same thing for any of the subways in Queens or Brooklyn.

So, yes, I am a dork, but I am so looking forward to it.

One Year Ago:
"I can't remember exactly when I got my first journal. Third grade, I believe, for Christmas. One of those little ones with a page for each day and little lock and key on the side of it. I didn't write much in it, as I recall. The only thing that would really prompt me to write were fights with my father (some things never change), and the hatred of my teacher, Miss Neiffer."