not even one grey monday

October 3. 2000

a couple pics from the university museum on Sunday:


the same statue as on the main page, just a different angle


the museum

the museum

Did you lose even one grey Monday?
cold and quiet, lips curled back in a somnolent animal grin
stiff fingers clenched in fists under
your down pillow

Were you dreaming blue cellophane dreams?
where everything you love was locked
up tight in clear plastic boxes
and only you had the key.

I can feel you biting me now.
Could you feel the hurt if I reached up and touched your face?
your lips are powdered blue and cold under
warm blankets
A body like heavy clay while your mind wills the words out.

Not even one grey monday?
you know, the kind where the air is thick and still
you can almost touch the low clouds
and sunshine is a shade of a memory.

I pressed myself against your coldness.

So are you.

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