conquering titanium

October 7. 2000


*smooch* *smooch*

I think I'm a little too adorable for my own good.

Strange as it may seem, I love going to school on Saturday. It's quiet and kind of empty, and full of those art devotees who would give up their Saturday afternoon social lives to slave away in pursuit of the muse. Or, in my case, out of necessity.

I had planned this day ahead of time as the day of sawing the damn titanium. I had titanium coils that had to be sawed into links to make a chain for my jewelry assignment. I was not looking forward to it, because sawing titanium is nothing short of hard labor, but I told myself that if I could just get through today, it would be all downhill from there.

When I got to school, the parking lot was full, to my surprise. There was an Open House at Tyler, unbeknownst to me. Instead of the campus being quiet, it was overcrowded with high schoolers desperately trying to look aloof and cool while trying distancing themselves from their parents. The parents were the usual mix of bewilderment and disbelief, as in "I can't believe I'm going to let my son/daughter attend art school", dragging with them the occasional disinterested younger brother or sister, brought along under duress.

Seeing them all made me fondly recall the times I spent searching for colleges a scant two years ago. It wasn't something I particularly enjoyed. We visited (as I can remember) Stetson University, Syracuse University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Alfred University, and of course, Tyler. None of the universities or tours or art facilities particularly stood out in my mind, except for Tyler, and not for good reasons.

The day I went there was not an Open House day, it was a Friday, so classes were in session. It was extremely cold, and I had just gotten my period, so of course I was in the throes of extremely severe cramps and occasional waves of nausea. My parents and I walked around the campus (all 3 acres of it), and then found a class for me to sit in on, and then just left.

I can tell you there is nothing more mortifying or awkward than to be a high school student sitting in on a college class. I felt like such an ass, and of course, I was sick as well. Several students gave me "you are an imposter" looks, which made me vow to always be nice to visiting high school students when I was in college. I left the class shortly after, and sat huddled on a bench until my parents found me.

This what I recalled as I watched the droves of parents and kids that came in and out of the metals studio. I insulated myself with my headphones, which I was glad I brought, otherwise I have a feeling I would've been asked a bevy of stupid questions and thus not gotten any work done.

But got work done I did. Once I buckled down and stopped being such a wimp, I was able to get a lot of stuff done. I think I'm in good shape for my project, and most importantly, I had conquered the evil Titanium (that sounds like some sort of comic book villian, doesn't it?).

Can she survive severe hand cramps and broken saw blades to triumph over the nefarious Titanium? With her sanity in the balance, will she be able to earn an A?? Stay tuned for next week's installment!!

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