Cuz it's written on your body --
it's on the tip of your tongue
The look in your eyes,
in the glare of the sun
The touch of your cold fingers,
when you say goodbye
The way that you linger
The way that you lie

jonatha brooke

Wednesday April 11. 2001

where the hell've you been?

1. I had this horrible sushi from Acme supermarket this evening. I know, what should I expect, coming from a supermarket, but for godssakes, it didn't even have chopsticks. I had to mix the wasabi (which was horribly weak) and the soy sauce with my finger. Sitting on my carpet in front of the tv, because that's where I eat my meals. On the floor. How Zen of me, I know. I've been living in this apartment for 8 months and I have NOT ONCE eaten a meal in the kitchen. Time to work on that domestic goddess thing...

2. Oh, and if any of you ever catch me actually driving downtown, I want you to slap me upside the head and put my ass on a bus. I spent the better part of a half hour today circling Arch and Race Streets, looking in vain for a parking space. It was all Alex Trebek's fault, because there was some sort of Jeopardy! Teen Tournament going on at the Convention Center. I finally gave up and paid an exorbitant amount of money to park in a lot.

3. I'm continuing the search for summer employment. It's not going well. I had orginally thought about applying to work at some sort of summer camp when it hit me: no internet access. Okay, I could live for a week, maybe two, but SEVEN weeks without no email and no web? I couldn't do it. I told Rachel this today at the studio, she just sort of looked at me and muttered, "Wow, you're obsessed..."

4. I am obsessed with ABC. I have never given a TV network so much love in my life. I literally watch it all. the. time. I deviate from ABC for exactly two things: ER and Law and Order. Millionaire, The Practice, What About Joan, My Wife and Kids, Dharma and Greg, Millionaire, The Job, The Drew Carey Show, Millionaire. It's getting kind of sick.

5. Speaking of What About Joan (I don't know if any of you watch it, it's the new sitcom with Joan Cusack), the relationship that Joan and her boyfriend is a lot like my relationship with John. I was listening to the dialogue, and literally thinking, "Didn't John and I have this exact same conversation?" Imagine that. A TV show paralelling my life. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

6. My school work is going fantastically well. I need to figure out a way not to work next semester.

7. I have familial obligations on Sunday, it being Easter and all. I haven't even seen my extended family since like 1999. Let's just hope I can avoid the "Did you go to church today?" question.

8. Thanks to my dear old Dad (who insists I never give him props here), my car insurance is now $30 less a month. And the car's title is being signed over to me. Which means Bessie is, like, really mine now.

9. I'm too poor to buy Ani DiFranco's new album. This is depressing.

10. My laundry still is not folded. My laundry is still not put away. I will continue to pick off the clean pile until it is gone, and then gather up the dirty, put in the basket, wash, and repeat the cycle all over again.

11. Still, I am happy.

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