coney island

Friday August 17. 2001

allure of the ghetto princess

I ended up working at the cafe tonight. I know, I know, after my misery at Barnes and Noble I swore never again. But a small crush (very small) got in my way.

There's this girl who works there, and she's just adorable. I wouldn't call it necessarily a sexual attraction, but more of "you're so beautiful and graceful that I am going to silently worship you from afar" kind of attraction. I've had those kind of crushes on various girls my entire life.

She's funny because she's a little bit of a ghetto princess. One day she walked into work wearing her pants low. I mean, dangerously low. Maybe an inch or two from it becoming a pornographic situation. She proudly strode around the cafe, and everytime she turned around, she revealed a full view of her leopard print thong. I had to try very very hard not to laugh.

So, the living situation is solved. I am staying here.

Mom came down on Tuesday and we got it all straightened out with the apartment complex. What a small low-key ending to this whole stupid deal. I'm planning to rearrange some furniture, put up some curtains and finish my coffeetable to give the place some new life. I'll be here until the end of December, at which point I'll move home and probably spend a couple weeks there before I have to leave for Rome mid-January. Let's just repeat that. Leave for Rome. Leave for Rome.

Oh my god, I'm going to Rome...

One Year Ago:
"You know, those moments where you've said all you wanted or had to say, the interviewer is clearly expecting something more, and you rack your brain and come up with nothing, trailing off into silence, or at best, repeat what you already said, sounding like an idiot."