Monday August 20. 2001

the long arm of the law

I had a first today. I got pulled over tonight.

No, I didn't run a red light or anything like that. I wasn't speeding. I never speed, because I'm that boring. I saw him behind me, and when I changed lanes, so did he. I knew he was after me, just waiting for a place to pull over. When we neared the next jughandle, the lights went on and I pulled over.

My passenger side taillight is out. I knew this, but I lied and said I didn't. I figured it was better that way. He kept repeating, "You're not trouble, you're not trouble", and asked for the usual license, registration, etc., and where I was coming from (Borders, only up the street).

He went back to his car and ran my license, which took forever. The lights from the cruiser reflecting in my mirrors started giving me a headache. I turned my head and cracked my neck enormously. It felt like my spine had moved two inches. I could see little spots in front of my eyes. My god, what is he doing...did that bitch I rear ended in 1999 ever file a report? Did I pay my parking tickets from last year? To take my mind off of it, I opened Prozac Nation and started skimming the first few pages.

He came back shortly and handed me my stuff and told me to have a good night and be careful pulling back onto the highway.

Weird. It felt like a dress rehearsal for getting pulled over. At least I'll know what to do now....

I got some more promos from work today:

White Ladder, David Gray.
I acutally had to barter with one my coworkers to get this, 'cause she grabbed it first. I had to give up Marvin Gaye's Unforgettable Hits, but that's more than a fair trade to me.

Songs from a Painted Cave, Robert Mirabal.
This is traditional Native American music. Should be interesting.

The Singles 81>85, Depeche Mode.
Don't know anything about them, apart from a couple songs Cabell put on a mixed tape for me.

True North, Fisher.
Don't know anything about them either, apart from MikeWhy promoting the hell out of them (her?) on The Dent a couple years ago.

Til We Outnumber 'Em (Woody Guthrie tribute), Various.
This was put out by Righteous Babe Records, Ani's record label. She's on there, as well as the Indigo Girls and Bruce Springsteen. Yeah!

Document, REM.
Early REM. Cool.

God Bless the Go-Gos, The Go-Gos.
Can't go wrong with girl bands.

One Year Ago:
"I couldn't even stay up this late at either of Dani's parties. Passed out at 10:30 and midnight, respectively. Hey, don't blame me, I started making (and drinking) margaritas at 6. Sheesh."