city dweller conquers all

January 15. 2001

philly with the 'rents:


reading terminal market



my mother was very enamoured of this potato peeler.



walking through city hall



hard rock cafe, philadelphia



To my surprise, today both of my parents showed up at my door bright and early. I hadn't expected my Dad, but he had decided to take the day off because he had gotten in a lot of hours the week before.

So they descended on my apartment, bringing food as always. I could tell my mother was holding back on commenting on the dirty dishes in the sink. I could tell my father was holding back from commenting on the accumlation of dust in the living room (which was sad, really, because I had dusted the day before). They vacuumed for me, and helped me take out the garbage. I am such an uncivilized bachelorette.

We had intended on going to the Italian Market, but after checking on citysearch, I found out it was closed on Mondays. So we decided to go eat at the Reading Terminal Market, a favorite haunt of my mother's and grandmother's while my grandfather was in the hospital at Jefferson Medical Center.

We took a bus and subway down to the market. As luck would have it, the train stopped several times in the middle of the tunnel for god knows what. My parents kept sending me looks saying, "Well, is this supposed to happen, oh experienced city dweller?"

We had unimpressive cheesestakes for lunch and my mom and I had a cannoli for dessert. My mother stopped by one of the many spice stands and bought some poppyseeds. For the rest of the day she pranced around saying something to the effect of, "Cheesestakes! Cannoli! Poppyseeds in my pocket! What could be better? This really has been a wonderful day!"

After we finished at the Market, I suggested we go to Rittenhouse Square. I promised many interesting stores and a Barnes and Noble along the way. Around City Hall my Dad began hinting that he needed to go to the bathroom. I knew there was a Starbucks at 16th and Walnut, so on we walked.

"How far is it, Bethany?"

"About five blocks, Dad."


"How far is this place?"

"It's about 3 blocks now."

"You said that 5 blocks ago!"

"Dad, we're at Sansom and 15th...look, there's a Dunkin Donuts."

We went in, and my father immediately noticed the "Restrooms for customers only" sign, and began to walk out. My mother and I coaxed him back in and he stomped off to the bathroom as my mother ordered a small decaf coffee.

I stared at the door he had just went in. "Should we tell him he just went into the ladies' room?" I asked my mother. She just smiled.

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