the shrub takes root

January 18. 2001



my eyelashes are bushy. heh.



Well, I guess it's really going to happen now. On Saturday, Bush is going to sworn in as president. It's had this feeling of unreality for me, like maybe it wouldn't happen. But no. ABC news' copious coverage of the inauguration shows that the orgy of bad music and cowboy boots is already in full swing. Out with Clinton and the "tabloid presidency" and usher in an administration of down home "yankee humility". Everyone is politely pretending that with inauguration of the new president, things will change. I don't know who they're fooling.

Having ruminated over my bitterness at Bush winning the election for a good time now, I now allow myself to move on to the greater injustice: the disinfrachisement of so many minority voters. That people can push this fact under the rug and pretend everything is okay on January 20th is an ability that's beyond me.

I do take one joy out of this whole mess, though. Watching Shrub make an ass out of himself for the next four years is going to be fun.


I was late for my first figure painting class this morning, following my trend from last semester. I thundered in there, panting and sweaty, and made a spectacle of myself before I finally found a seat. I was surprised to find that most of my class are adults. There was one chunky guy sitting next to me (I'll call him Beefman), who asked Chuck stupid questions and whined about having to stretch his own canvases, pronounced "Gesso" wrong, and wanted to paint from photographs, because he couldn't imagine how he would be able to find a model for his homework assignments (Chuck's answer: "Look in the mirror.").

The supply list was quite delicious, all sorts of special colors of paint for painting flesh, and I think I may have to invest in some new pallette knives and a new paper pallette. As I was coming down the stairs from class, I happened to run into Weena. I was glad I had found her, because I hadn't the slightest idea where she was living now, or how to get in touch with her. I had time to kill before a meeting at 11, so we went back to her place, and I took a nap on her bed while she took a shower.

I really want to live with Weena. In fact, she's one of the few people who I'd want to live with (the other being Paul), but she wants to have cats and dogs, which wouldn't work with my allergies. But I've made the definite decision that I need to find a roommate of some kind next year, because this independent living thing is really killing me financially.


In the afternoon was my jewelry class. I really need to get myself in a mindset for this class, because of the dismal results that I ended up with last semester. Even though I got an A- in first semester jewelry, I was not satisfied with ANY of the work that I produced. Even after I reworked all the projects - they only came out worse. I think I need to think outside the box. Last night while I was in bed I visualized myself stand inside a box drawn on the floor and then stepping outside of it (I've never had any evidence that that guided visualization stuff works for me, though I do it quite often).

I think my problem with jewelry is jewelry. I am not that interested in making rings and necklaces and bracelets. I don't even wear any jewelry on a regular basis. I'm more interested in using metal combined with other mediums to create sculptural and functional objects. Last semester I tried to do what everyone else was doing, create nice little boring pieces of jewelry. I think that's the problem. It's hard to create anything original and new when you've been looking at the same sort of boring schlock churned out from Tiffany's and other "fine" jewelers for your entire life. They may be loaded up with 14K gold and diamonds, but god, are they ugly as hell.

Anyway. Back to out of the box. I was sketching earlier tonight, looking at some product design books, which were very useful. Trying to glean something from them and make it into something all my own. Daniella said to us in class today, "Think about what you're interested in and then make it." Well, duh. It's so damn obvious it never occurred to me to just pursue what I like.

One Year Ago:
"When I stepped through the door of my dorm room, I almost tripped over two little stones with runes painted on them."