July 2, 2001

Monday July 2. 2001

i like to watch

Whenever I'm in Lebanon, I always end up parking myself in front of our big TV for extended periods of time. I don't have much use for cable, but I've becoming obsessed with our various HBOs (I think we have 3 or 4).

Field of Dreams

And so I saw Field of Dreams for the first time on Saturday night. By the end, I was sitting on our loveseat, crying like a baby into a throw pillow. Why didn't anyone tell me this was such an amazing movie?

It's funny that I love it so much, because the movies I tend to enjoy are violent, dystopian fantasies (Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, Taxi Driver). For me. Field of Dreams is teetering on the brink of falling into the pit of Steven Spielberg (pit of sappiness). But that whole unrequited father-son relationship thingie is something that's always gotten me in the gut. And I have a soft spot for the game of baseball - it has a certain mythic, otherworldly quality to it, so many dreams and hopes of America are tied into it. So when a bunch of dead baseball players come out of a cornfield to play on a homemade field, of course it makes perfect sense. At least for me.

Six Feet Under

I spent the rest of the night watching a marathon of all 5 episodes of Six Feet Under. I first saw it at Cape Cod in our hotel room, and I really liked it. It has this dark humor and surreality that I absolutely love and is hard to find in any shows on the networks or cable. The opening credits, along with the music, are particularly striking.

I got a real kick out of episode #4. David, one of the men that runs the funeral home, has all these conversations with the dead gang member who he is burying. And the funny thing is, this guy looked EXACTLY like Koba. Even the voice and some of his mannerisms were the same. It was creepy.

Sex and the City

And try as I might, I can't enjoy Sex and the City. These women are so massively stupid when it comes to men and relationships, it's painful to watch these intelligent women lower themselves to the depths of stupidity and childishness. It's no wonder that they're all perpetually single. And for those of you who are scratching your heads and thinking, "It's just a sitcom", think about this: it's influenced fashion trends. Its words and phrases have made it into the American lexicon. It's more than just a TV show now. Sex and the City is supposed to be an honest look at the way modern women date and pursue relationships and sex. It's kind of insulting and tragic, not really funny and certain not empowering.

The Sopranos

I'm the only one in the entire world who hasn't ever seen it. Bah.


It's not on yet, but it's going to be on ABC this fall. Kim Delaney (from NYPD Blue) is starring as a lawyer in the City of Brotherly Love. The premise basically is a honest and hardworking lawyer takes on the corrupt officials of the city. Heh. That should be interesting. They did some location shooting here earlier in the spring, but I think it's mostly being filmed in LA.

It'll be interesting to see Hollywood's take on my hometown. You ever notice that when a TV or film director wants a location that's gloomy, grey, rainy, full of wandering and soulless people, they inevitably pick Philadephia? See movies like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Philadelphia, and 12 Monkeys. It's kind of depressing that people are getting one side of Our Fair City. Heck, they're missing the mutliple shootings, urban blight and tons of abandoned cars!

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