Friday July 20. 2001

new starts

America's Funniest Home Videos was on tonight. Yes, they revived it. I must tell you about me and this show. I was obsessed with it in the early 90s. My sister and I would sit down every Sunday night (at least I think it was Sunday) to watch it, and then plot how to get a video on the show. But now it's hosted by this horrible wannabe comedian whose name I've already forgot. The videos are frequently interrupted by his unfunny jokes and his unfunny interaction with the studio audience. At least Bob Saget knew enough to shut up and say "Roll 'em." And the videos aren't even that funny anymore - most of them are of the "getting it in the face with a flying object" variety.

I guess you really can't go home again.

So I must mention now that I got a cellphone last week. Or rather, my mom got me a cellphone. There was rather good deal going on at the cellphone kiosk at Lebanon's mall. Fortunately, there's isn't a monthly plan or anything like that, I just have to buy phonecards in certain amounts as my minutes get used up. Cell phone ala carte. So far it's really come in handy.

John switched to first shift on Tuesday. So, for the first time since I've known him, we're on the same schedule. It's rather weird, I got used to him being asleep during the day, and emailing me all night while I was asleep. This past week, while I was at the studio working, he would text message me on my phone, just to say hello and I love you.

He'd been on 3rd shift for the last 5 or 6 years, and I know this is an adjustment for him. I hope he's at least happier now than he was on 3rd shift. I've been trying to convince him to look elsewhere for a job and possibly even go back to school for computer programming or something like that. Because lord knows they aren't paying well for people with English literature degrees. I just want him to be happy. Happier than he is now.

As for my own job situation, it's better. I have a job, at the Barnes & Noble major bookstore chain rival (I'm sure you can figure that out). At least that's what I was told at the interview on Monday. All they had to do was contact my references, which was merely a formality (but how many times have we heard that?), and they would contact me by Wednesday. Well, it's Friday and I haven't heard from them yet. This doesn't really bode well. Of course, if I somehow find out that my former employers at B&N were talking shit about me, there will be words. Oh yes, there will be words.

I also got a temporary job at school as a TA for my ceramics class. TA'ing in this case means just mixing clay for 10 hours a week. In usual Temple fashion, there is no indication when I'm going to get paid, but at least it's something. Mixing clay is a dirty, dirty job. We don't actually mix it ourselves, we just shovel handfuls of wet, slimy clay into this big monster machine called a pug mill, which deairs and compresses the clay and extrudes it out the other end in neat, cylinderical pieces. By the time I was done on Wednesday, I was nearly covered in clay and my face was sore where the straps on the respirator had dug into my head.

I'd forgotten how much I love working with clay. It's the one thing I've always returned to, the one place where I've always felt at home, and it's where I think I'm going to end up. I've been looking into getting a wheel by the time I graduate, hopefully with some student loan money. The one I am looking at is the Brent CXC, which according to Peter, my teacher, is the best you can buy. The cadillac of pottery wheels. It's over a thousand dollars, but if I'm ever going to drop a large amount of money on something, it might as well be this, right?

Riley and Chris continue to put up pictures from our trip to Coney Island and NYC in general (Riley also has a blog, with some pictures, here). Check them out, some of them are really beautiful.

One Year Ago:
"I've been having really weird dreams lately. Weird for me, at least. One involving me holding the leashes of a pack of bloodhounds, searching for someone (I don't remember who)."