June 13, 2001

Wednesday June 13. 2001

this is hard

Through email over the past few days, Yen and I have been bemoaning the fact that neither of us has felt like writing in our respective journals lately. And how true. I can't tell you how much I labored over yesterday's short little entry, pounding and hammering it into shape, a shape that I still don't really like.

I can only imagine that my difficulty with writing lately is because I've been laboring all day every day this week in the darkroom, because I'll be missing class all next week while I'm on vacation. I guess my brain has been switched to "visual" and it's hard to sit down and try to make these words do what I want them to. Focus, contrast, whites, blacks and all the shades of grey in between. I guess photography is not that much different from writing.

I got my first assignment back. I got a 94%, which I was very pleased about. I have to hand in my second assignment tomorrow, almost a full week early. Losing an entire week is hard, especially when the course is only six weeks long, but I wouldn't miss the chance to photograph Cape Cod for the world. Amanda told me I would have to do an extra assignment to compensate for missing a week, and she suggested doing a travel journal of photographs. How perfect - it was something I was planning on doing anyway, but it's going to be a boatload of work to get it done in the final week of class.

I am planning on taking three different cameras to the Cape - my regular Minolta SLR, my Nikon digital, and an old Leica that my grandparents got as a wedding gift in 1951. It's not an SLR, but it has a viewfinder and something that I think is called a rangefinder - you look through it and line up two different images of what you're looking at in order to focus it. It's a fascinating little camera.

I've spent the last few days making mixed tapes for the long drive up to Cape Cod. If you want see them, you can click here. Then you can see how my musical taste runs the gamit - from depressing pedestrian to the incredibly sophisticated (ha). I have yet to do much else in the way of preparing or packing for vacation - a couple of neatly rolled shirts and pants and stuffing all my camera into my small camera bag, but other than that, not much. At least I know we'll have good music to drive to.

I will update again before I leave for the Cape. I'll be missing in action from Friday til Saturday the 23rd, but I will be back after that with many tales to tell and photographs to share.

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One Year Ago:
"But go I did, and sat for three hours, trying to resist reading a book I had brought with me, listening to many melodramatic and sentimental speeches by my fellow students and administrators who came out of the woodwork for this very occasion. I'm not good at endings. I'm not good at goodbyes, either, so I tend to avoid them completely."