June 26, 2001

Tuesday June 26. 2001

size matters

I developed all my film from Cape Cod yesterday. Just the black and white rolls for now. The two color rolls I took in Provincetown are still undeveloped because I simply don't have the money to truck them off to Rite Aid at the moment. Winding all that film onto developing rolls in the pitch black darkroom wasn't the arduous task I thought it would be - it only took me about a half hour. I made the contact sheets, and sat for a while with them in front of me, wistfully recalling what I had been thinking or doing each time I snapped a frame.

The first one I enlarged yesterday was the aforementioned shot of the drag queen, which, strangely enough, is the shot I am most proud of. And it came out well, but I think I am going to save that little gem for a little while longer and put it in one of the Cape Cod entries. I spent most of today doing small enlargements - three by four inches.

I always forget that in photography (and indeed, most art media) the size of the print is so important. That may seem like a no-brainer, but I'm always amazed that a certain image will look fabulous when it's 5x7 and look horrible at 11x14. The mood and aura of the little prints I did today are so different from my usual 8x10 enlargements - they seem like little curios, a very small, perfect miniature thing that should be treasured and held carefully, like a shell or smooth stone. The photos look old, dark around the edges like pictures that were taken at Coney Island in the thirties and forties. I imagine carefully attaching them to black pages with little photo corners in a rectangular book that ties with a silk ribbon. That's the kind of photos they are. Soft, grey, comfortable.

Tomorrow I tackle the bigger prints. I'm hoping I can do some real big ones, like 11x14 or maybe even 16x20, just to see what it's like. The people in the color photo class (which is at the same time as our class) are doing some HUGE prints, and it's amazing what a big impact even a banal image like a house or a dog can have when it's that big.

Well, I had a first tonight. Come to think of it, and considering the neighborhood I live in, it should've happened a lot sooner.

I was in the kitchen finally tending to the rancid dishes in my sink, when a gunshot went off right outside my window.

I fled to the living room, crouching down, trying to get out of sight of the windows. I cowered there for the next 45 minutes, lying on the couch, talking to John. I don't know if it was actually a gunshot. It was pitched too low to be a capgun, but it could've been a firecracker, though it seems to be a little early for that. Although there's going to major hooplah going on all next week downtown because of the Bicenntenial of the Constitution. Whoop de do, I'm sure we're all excited. At least Jill Scott is playing. I hope I can go.

But anyway. Freaked out slightly I was. Sometimes I really think I should move to a snobby white yuppie suburb of Philadelphia and just be done with it.

Just so I can get it out the way...

It's going to be 96 degrees and humid tomorrow.

Yep. I am not happy.

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