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Tuesday March 27. 2001

arches in the sky

I got an email early this morning from one of my friends from high school. It was titled "Holy Mother of God" and when I saw the words I could almost hear Katy's voice saying the words. She had found my journal by doing a search on her name (I mentioned her in this entry), and had spent some time going through the archives. She's the second or third person from high school that has found this site, something I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about. Mostly I don't think I care.

I guess there's a tradeoff in every situation, because if I had chosen to hide this site, I would have never gotten that amazing email from her, which just lifted me up in every way possible. Tonight she told me she had actually dug out her journal and started writing again because of what she read on this site. How's that for a compliment. Besides, hiding a site like this, hiding any website, is futile. I never have tried. My life is not an open book, but this site is. It always bothers me slightly when journallers go to great pains never to reveal their real names or ever show a picture of themselves. But that's just me, of course. I'm sure everyone has their different motivations.

I went downtown this morning for the first time in what seemed like years. On the supply list was canvas and some acrylic plastic, but I ended up with a 1 pound tube of titanium white and a needle tool for clay as well. As I was coming out of Utrecht, I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Kimmel Center, which is currently under construction. As I was walking back up Broad Street, what should be rolling down the road on a flatbed but a couple of the large curved blue pieces that make up the graceful curved ceiling. It was rather amusing.

But god, this place is going to be amazing when it's done in December. It's going to look beautiful from the air, this delicate web of arches among all the angular skyscrapers. If you want to take a virtual tour, go here. It's going to be breathtaking, both inside and out.

After an expensive coffee drink purchase at Xando, I walked uptown to Arch Street, where I came upon on these:

This was a large, glittery, golden pillar, resplendent in the late morning light.

I can't imagine how I missed them until now.

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