Thursday May 10. 2001

the mundane and the stupid

Wow. I just really haven't felt like writing in here lately. Instead, I've been indulging in an endless visual tweaking of this site. Kind of like picking a hangnail until it bleeds.

This past week has consisted of catching up on a semester's worth of sleep, cleaning my entire apartment and (mostly futilely) searching for a job. I've gone around to most of eastern Montgomery County. So far, the only prospects I have are Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Home Depot across the street. I have skills, you know? I design webpages, I'm a smart person. I don't think I should be stuck for a summer doing a stupid retail job. Arrgh.

The application process at Home Depot was particularly funny. It was a little computer terminal, and you typed in all your information with a grimy keyboard, watched a little video about how great Home Depot is and how different it is from other large corporate superstore chains feeding on the American people's desperate need for materialism, and then filled out an "employment test". This consisted of questions like:

Would you consider yourself to be a decisive person?

1. Strongly Agree

2. Somewhat Agree

3. Somewhat Disagree

4. Strongly Disagree

5. I Don't Know

Man, if I fail a Home Depot Employment Test, I don't think I'll ever be able to feel good about myself again.

Despite all the stupidity, there are actually a couple perks to working there. Number one on my list is the fact that I could walk to work, which is a big plus considering I paid $1.75 for gas today (ow, ow). The other is that, with the employee discounts, I could finally get a couple powertools I've been coveting. There's this thing made by Black and Decker called The Firestorm, which has drill, jigsaw and sanding attachments all on the same machine. Whoo. I never thought I'd see the day I get so excited about power tools.

I have this bad habit of buying or borrowing tons of books and then never reading them. I looked at my shelves today and realized how many that I've been carrying around from home to dorm room to apartment without ever cracking them open. I took a bubble bath for the first time in a long time tonight. I was looking for some reading material and I was mind-boggled by just how much I had to catch up on. I finally selected 2001 because, well, it was 2001 and I'd been meaning to reread it.

I first remember reading it when I was like 11 and was in upstate New York somewhere visiting my aunt and uncle. I hadn't brought a lot of reading material, much to my dismay, so I canvassed the shelves and finally located something of interest. I hadn't seen the movie then (come to think of it, I think it's one of those movies that I've never actually sat down and watched the whole way through), but the book was utterly fascinating to me, except for the frustratingly ambiguous ending.

I also want to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy, if only to stop John's nagging. I think I must make a summer reading list, now that I finally have time. I have a couple deep and terribly intellectual books sitting on my shelves that I have never read. They are there to mostly impress any person who happens to look at my books.

Had a bad case of impulse buy today. I went into a Best Buy and bought Ani DiFranco's new album (finally) and the Natural Born Killers director's cut DVD. I watched NBK immediately, but I haven't listened to Revelling/Reckoning yet. I'm trying to figure out a good way to listen to it the first time. I think I am going to get on a C bus and ride it all the way downtown, which should take at least an hour, if not more.

No doubt I'll have the same dilemma when Tori's new album comes out in September.

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