Tuesday May 15. 2001

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We've finally made official, concrete plans, John and I. We are going to Cape Cod exactly one month from now. My first vacation with a boyfriend-type. I suppose this is a sort of rite of passage. We started talking about going on vacation together over a year ago, and it's been a long time coming, a long time of anticipation. I can hardly wait.

If my entries are boring lately, it's because my life has been pretty boring. I still haven't heard anything from the numerous places to which I've applied, so I think I start making irate phone calls tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am bored. My entire apartment has been organized and cleaned. All the wash is done. I cleaned and backed up my hard drive. I even did the dishes, for godssakes.

At least I've been reading a bit. I've been doing the rereads first, then I'll tackle the new stuff. I blazed through Reviving Ophelia, by Mary Pipher, which was one of my favorite books of 10th or 11th grade. I even think I wrote a paper on it at some point. This afternoon, while in the bath, I started Beloved, by Toni Morrison. I read it my senior year for AP English, and I'd forgotten just how dense Morrison's prose is. I have a bad habit of skipping over entire paragraphs when I'm reading novels, which isn't much of a problem if I'm reading something like Harry Potter, but is definitely not a good idea when every single sentence is just juicy and dripping with meaning.

I just realized that I could talk endlessly about books. When I was home this weekend, I looked through my bookshelves and picked out some stuff to take back with me. I have SO many books, so many books I know I will never read, and they will go in our yard sale at the end of the month. Like, why did I ever waste my money on that Robin Cook novel? Oh, right, I stole that from the library of my grandparents' apartment complex in Florida. All my books of the alien worlds of Star Trek and the blueprints of the Enterprise-D will stay, however. I like to look at them, the pages occasionally come loose from the dried glue of the binding, and revisit my long dormant geekiness.

Yesterday I went downtown to get my camera looked at. It's an old camera, a Minolta XE-7 that my parents bought it college, but still a good one. The tiny little shop was inside a large apartment building across from Jefferson hospital. The verdict: the light meter keeps sticking, $150, but probably more. I felt my face turn red and tried to avoid a way of saying "I can't afford it." I hate saying that. $150 or more. That's about how much I have in my bank account right now.

I grabbed a copy of Philadelphia Weekly on my way out, and then got some fruit salad at a stand to eat on the subway back home. The fruit salad was INSANELY good. I'm so glad it's spring.

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