Wednesday May 2. 2001

like steel magnolias, but
without the southern accents

did i used to be this thin?!?Yesterday I was cleaning out the hard drive on my computer, backing up my files and moving them to my laptop, when I came across this picture. I think this is me my junior year of high school. I had long, long dark brown, not yet touched by the numerous dyejobs and bleachings I put it through in my freshman year of college. I starting wishing my hair was still that color and not the wannabe blonde that I was now.

So today I went back to Lebanon with the express purpose of getting my hair cut and colored. I found myself in a little hair salon in somebody's basement in the deep heart of cornfields and cows country. These really are the only kind of hair salons in Lebanon. Cork, the proprietor of this particular business, was a tall, thin woman with short red hair and a no-nonsense manner. She dyed my hair a deep mahogany, and I sat, my scalp burning, to watch the parade of well, hicks, go in and out of her salon. I forget how incredibly hickish Northern Lebanon is. I still wonder why my parents settled here. Ugh.

But yes, I am extremely happy with my hair. I'm never doing blonde again.

Later on that night, I tried to rangle some quality time out of my sister by inviting her to come with me to Blockbuster and Dairy Queen. I had to literally drag her out the house, and she insisted on driving, which was nerve-racking at best. The fact that the car my parents just bought for her is stick shift frankly scares the shit out of me. At least I won't be anywhere near her when she finally gets out on the road with it.

And I finally, FINALLY bought Fight Club on DVD. I saw it at Blockbuster, it was cheaper than I had seen it anywhere (even online), so I seized it up. I hate impulse buys. Now I just need Natural Born Killers and Taxi Driver to round out my destructive anti-social film collection.

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One Year Ago:
"In other caffeinated news, this afternoon I caved. I was miserable, sleepy, had terrible headaches, so at dinner I just said screw it. I filled my 8 ounce class twice with pepsi."