a replica of the statue of liberty near Lincoln Center

Sunday October 21. 2001

sailing to philadelphia

I've mentioned my coffeetable before, too. Well, it's nearly done. I glued the tiles to the wooden table frame yesterday after work, and today, before Drea and I left for our shopping excursion, I grouted it with a light gray grout ("Delorean Gray", it was called). It looks really beautiful, just a little filmy and pasty from the grout. I have to buy some tile polisher, and that'll clear right up and it'll be ready to move into my apartment, finally replacing the boring little chest that serves as my coffetable now.

Pictures of it tomorrow.

phat shoes

Drea and I went shopping today down on South Street. Someone had told me there was a sale at the this place called Guacamole, and man, did I score. I got the above shoes for TEN BUCKS. That was less than I spent on lunch. I did try on a pair of clogs, they were so comfortable, with this soft sheep's wool type stuff inside of them, but they didn't have any of my size. Apparently size 9 is huge these days. Drea has the exact opposite problem - she takes a size 5 and a half.

There was this one girl behind the counter (apparently you must be young, white, female and have multiple piercings to work at Guacamole) who gave me dirty looks the entire time I was there, and I was somewhat curt when I came up to pay for my shoes. I feel somewhat intimidated every time I go in this place, because everyone is oh so trendy and practices a well-honed stance of detached indifference. I guess I wasn't cool enough or something. I should dye my hair pink or pierce my tongue, then maybe I'll pass muster.

I haven't had time to watch much teevee lately, but one show that caught my interest immediately was Alias. I think it's going to end up being a lot like the X-files, because it has this great ongoing mythology. It's also awesome to see Sydney kick someone's ass every week, as well as dress up in a dozen different outfits and haircolors, looking completely hot in every single one. Not to mention she's got all these cool little James Bond-like toys to play with, and doesn't mind throwing around plutonium when she needs to. Definitely one to check out.

I'm also keeping watch on Philly, which is actually turning out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. Kim Delaney holds it all together, of course. She's fabulous. Though I have one minor gripe: her character supposedly lives at 23rd and Pine, right in the Rittenhouse square district. I don't know why she needs to drive to City Hall, where she works, when she could easily take a bus for the 15 or so blocks and avoid all the traffic. But that's me, of course.

I'm eagerly awaiting the NYPD Blue season premiere, too. I think it's going to be great.

One Year Ago:
"Now Dan...Dan kind of annoys me, but not deeply, kind of that surface annoyance that you get from high school boys. Which is what he is. He's a big guy (both vertically and horizontally), and constantly has his nose in a Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 magazine. Yes, he plays video games, imagine that."

Two Years Ago:
"It was rather comforting to be around my family again, my mother with her weird cheerfulness and quirkiness, my father, ever the devil's advocate, and of course my overly loud sister disagreeing with my father at every turn. I'd forgotten all of this."