me coffeetable

Monday October 22. 2001

more shop talk

There it is, my coffeetable. Just the top of it, of course. It's all but finished, except I've been trying to figure how to get it clean. I tried everything from soap to tile polisher to vinegar, but it still looks dirty. The vinegar worked the best, so I think I'm going to keep using that until I smell like a salad and the table is nice and shiny. The pattern is based on the Guggenheim's front doors, by the way. I hope to move it into my apartment tomorrow or Wednesday. Since the table frame I was going to use for it was stolen along with my dear Bessie (*sniff*), I'm probably just going to set it on top of the small chest that's my current coffeetable. I can't wait to see it in here, it'll look great.

The Blue Light Special

This is the kiln I fired last week. It's closed right now, but you can see the tracks that the door would roll out on.

I just talked to my Mom, and she let me know about this article. I didn't realize so much art, millions and millions of dollars worth, was lost along with the Trade Center. I remember seeing that bright red Calder boomerang sculpture a couple years ago. I really hope it can be restored.

But what pained me the most to read was from this article:

"Also gone is sculptor Louise Nevelson's "Sky Gate New York," a wood relief wall-hanging made of found objects. It was inspired by an airborne view of the Manhattan skyline."

Louise Nevelson, possibly my favorite artist. It pained me so much to read this. Even more heartbreaking because she lived in New York City almost her entire life. She had a studio on Spring Street.

Dear Ms. Rusen:

After an examination of your application record, I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the Temple University Rome Program. The dates of the program are January 14, 2002 through April 28, 2002.


One Year Ago:
"I realized something then: TV makes me feel bad about myself, it does not contribute to my intelligence in any way, and it in no way lives up to the reality which I move through every day. It was a waste, and I hate waste."

Two Years Ago:
"It was rather comforting to be around my family again, my mother with her weird cheerfulness and quirkiness, my father, ever the devil's advocate, and of course my overly loud sister disagreeing with my father at every turn. I'd forgotten all of this."