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Tuesday October 9. 2001


I went to school late the past two days, at 10 and 9 respectively. It's been so cold in the morning (the complex hasn't turned on the heat yet, dammit), I couldn't bear to get up from under the warm, warm covers. I waltzed in late, but no one seemed to even notice. Ah, college.

So our class advising day is tomorrow. I went to Penrose Hall today and browsed the list of classes for next semester. Not like it matters, because I'll be taking classes in Rome, not here. They still tell you register for classes here, just in case something doesn't work out and you won't be left high and dry.

I didn't sign up for metals advising. I think rather than make some big announcement to my professors, I'll just quietly fade into the background and see if they even notice. Ceramics advising will probably consist of Bob looking at my scheduling sheet and grunting or some such.

I've been working hard on my ceramics. I think I may actually have a decent slide portfolio by the end of December. I'm also considering the (very scary) prospect of writing up a proposal for a show for next fall (it sounds very far away, but oh, it is not). I have a really good idea indirectly related to the events of September 11th, and I really need it to be installed in a space. I cornered Nick today and asked him about the feasiblity of this. He said go for it, and he could help me. I highly doubt I'll be accepted, being an undergraduate, but I figured it would be good experience in learning how to write a proposal.

I've been thinking of the logistics of doing a zine while in Rome. Because, as you know, I am the anal planning type. I've mentally tried every way I can think of to make it free, but it just isn't going to happen. I'll probably have to charge a dollar or two for each, at least to cover postage and materials. I had thought it would be a pain to mail each and every one to the US (and elsewhere), but then I realized, I could package them all up, send them en masse to John, who could then stamp and mail them. Cause he's nice like that, you know.

I'm excited to do this. I've wanted to do a tangible version of this site for a long time, and now here's my chance. To be augmented with photos and sketches, of course. I'll put up an official page soon with info as to where to sign up and when, etc.

"hey How would you like to be Get a free email address and homepage at Because you don't want to make friends, you want to Get Laid.. for free!"

That's right, my email is now Maybe I can finally get that hot action I've been looking for. For free.

I really wish my spam was more interesting.

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