Tuesday September 4. 2001

no labor

Yesterday Dad and I went to Kipona, which is this huge festival held every Labor Day in Harrisburg (illustrious capital of PA). We had originally intended for Kate, Greg, JW and my Mom to come along, but Kate and Greg dropped out due to a particularly grueling day at the Faire on Sunday, and my Mom dropped out because she wasn't feeling good. So it was just whittled down to me and my Dad. And we had a great time, talking and making politically incorrect jokes about things that really only make sense to us.


If I ever get my hands on a fisheye lens, god help me...

Dad and Me

We also ate like pigs. First time I've ever had Pad Thai at 10 in the morning. Between us we got a Pina Coloda, a fruit smoothie, steak in a pita, cream of crab chowder, fruit salad and cappuccino fudge.

My Dad called this "worshipping the gods of snow".

One Year Ago:
"Bottle rockets went off in the nearby soccer field, celebrating Labor Day. The tiki lamps on either side of the picnic table we were sitting at flickered in the breeze. The sounds of faint music came from the living room through the screened windows. It was really a perfect moment. A beautiful night, with good food, surrounded by good friends."

Two Years Ago:
"This realization was followed by a string of expletives that nearly scared my friend Paul out of the room."