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Monday 8 April 2002

you're doing fine, Oklahoma

I went home this weekend to see my little sister in our high school's production of Oklahoma! (am I the only one that finds that exlamation point obnoxious?). When I came in, around noon, the kitchen table was strewn with cellophane, flowers and many colors of gingham ribbon. My mom, sister and Kate were busy fixing up flowers for the entire cast and crew. JW and Greg were over as well. JW is almost starting to talk. Just "Mimimimimimi" which seems to be his name for Kate, and "Dadadadada" which is his name for Greg.

Lauren was sporting this extremely fab hairdo when I came in. Her hair had been wrapped in rags that morning by the director of the show, Adele, in order to get tight little corkscrew curls. I have to admit I liked it just as it was. When I have some time I'll have to try it, and maybe I'll have a shot at being truly fly.

Soon the majority of my aunts and uncles and cousins and various aquaintances descended upon our house, and it all got a bit overwhelming, so I retreated upstairs to my room and perused old copies of Reader's Digest. My extended family can be and usually are extremely loud people, expecially in a small space. I remember doing the exact same thing when I was younger at Christmas and Easter gatherings. I would go upstairs in what used to be my Uncle Jim's room, watch the old TV (which is, ironically, the same TV I have in my apartment now) and read Reader's Digests from the late 70s. I think I get just a little claustrophobic when that many people are trying to talk at once and so many little kids are underfoot. I prefer smaller, quieter gatherings where I can actually hear myself think. I don't last very long in bars and nightclubs, either. I'm such an exciting person.

Anyway, I won't lie that I'm always a little anxious whenever I go back to my high school. I'm always afraid of who I'll have to have an awkward conversation with, but there wasn't anyone there that I really knew - just Adele, Mrs. Brown, my AP English teacher and Mr. Stover, my biology teacher. It was nice to see and talk to all of them again.

The show was really good, in some ways. I have to say that the voices in the show were probably the best I've ever heard, and that's a hard thing to get, especially when they have my little sister to live up to. My sister has an amazing voice, and this is coming from someone who doesn't even like her that much (heh). Her voice is so perfect and clear and sounds not at all like a 17 year old's.

The whole cast was good, in acting and voice, but the musical frankly annoyed me. It's the perfect example of one of those rosy, happy musicals from the late 1950s where the conflict is wrapped way too quickly and neatly for me ("Are you guilty, Curly?" No!" "Okay, then you and Laurey go have a good wedding night!"). For the last scene, Lauren was wearing a wedding dress, and I had a weird flash of her like that in a few years, really getting married, probably to some hotshot lawyer or stockbroker in New York City. I can see it now. Lauren is going to want a big-ass wedding, with the reception at Tavern on the Green. My Mom will probably make her make me the maid of honor, and I'll have to lose 50 pounds. Fuuuck.

So yes. My widdle sister is all growed up now. She's going to NYU in the fall, for chemistry. Yes, I hate her for it.