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Friday 15 February 2002

please turn off all cell phones and beepers

Drea and I took each other out for Valentine's Day. I couldn't be with John, and she couldn't be with her boyfriend, so I skipped my evening class and we went out to dinner and a movie. We got Taco Bell from the drive thru and sat in the parking lot and ate it, and then walked into A Beautiful Mind ten minutes late. I must remember to go to this movie theatre again (it's only ten minutes from my place, anyway) because they only charge $5 with a student ID. Pretty sweet.

As for A Beautiful Mind, I went in with some reservations, because it looked exactly one of those movies that I don't like. The epic bio pic. The kind that's made solely to tell the compelling story of some noble individual overcoming some mental and/or physical obstacle. Usually starring some long-suffering Denzel Washington/Tom Hanks type actor in the lead role, with a loyal, often forgotten female by his side. But it was better than I thought. Russell Crowe I really think deserves the Oscar, because it was just an utterly stunning performance (I'll overlook the occasional slip-ups in his American accent). And what's her face, Jennifer Connelly, she was appropriately gorgeous and poised and beautiful.

I realized with amazement yesterday that I've seen four of the five movies nominated for Best Picture this year. Usually I'm too entrenched in my bubble of self-absorption to even see one or two. I'll just have to step out some night and see In the Bedroom, and I'll be all set.

Who will win? A Beautiful Mind, of course. That's exactly the kind of movie the dumbasses at the Academy love. Not that I'm saying it's a bad movie, but a sweeping science fiction/fantasy masterpiece won't win Best Picture, and a searing murder-mystery featuring a mostly British cast of 40 won't win Best Picture, either. Who knows. Surprise me.


I got a new cell phone last week. I don't think I'm really derserving of this cell phone, because it's almost smarter than I am. And it was the cheapest phone they had, at $50. It's a sweet little powder blue color (called "skye" in the catalogue), has voice activation, text messaging, five million ring tones and all the other usual bells and whistles. As John once said to me, all cell phone ring tones are annoying, they're just different degrees of annoying. So I choose the ring tone that, to me, was the least annoying. It's called "Funk" which plays what I think is the first few bars of that song that goes "She's a brick house". Every so often now I find myself singing it under my breath.