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Monday 13 May 2002

death by fondue (and big pinks)

somewhere near NYU

I called Drea yesterday afternoon right after my last final. I hadn't seen her in a good month, and she called back a couple hours later and we decided to go out to dinner to catch up. What started out as a simple, low-key dinner soon turned into a culinary orgasm that ended 2 and a half hours and forty dollars later.

We went to The Melting Pot in Chestnut Hill. Drea had tried to get in there three times before, but it's a very popular restaurant. It was really quiet on a Monday night, and we almost had the place to ourselves.

I've never been to a fondue restaurant, and didn't even realize what is entailed beyond dipping pieces of bread in a vat of cheese. There was the cheese and bread as an appetizer, and the waiter made it for us right at the table (the secret ingredient is Yuengling, apparently). Then the salad, which was to die for, and then a plate of raw meat - lobster, shrimp, teriyaki beef, filet mignon, ravioli filled with cheese - which you dipped in various batters and sauces and then cooked in the vat of oil to your preference. It was insanity. I think I actually dreamed about it last night.


So the disappointment of not getting the ATTRA position has abated somewhat. But it was helped along considerably when I got a letter in the mail on Friday notifying me that I had been accepted into the Emerging Artists exhibition at ArtForms gallery in Manayunk (which is only two doors down from where my internship is). They do it every year, taking a couple of students from all the art schools in the Philadelphia area. I looked over the space on Saturday morning - it's only a storefront, and it's a very small but very nice gallery. It's well known, and I just hope whatever pieces of mine go into the show will do it justice.

So, it's August 7 through September 8th. Which is good, because had I gotten the job as an ATTRA, I wouldn't have been able to be in the show.


What else, what else...I spent the weekend in New York. It was Tony and Peggy's 20th Anniversary party on Sunday night, which was at Sidewalk (where this photo was taken). It ended up being a very enjoyable lineup of bands, food and old friends (mostly John's). I get a huge kick out of seeing John with his old friends. Maggie (John's ex-wife) was there, and so his friend Bob who John met at a comic book store in the Village in the 70s. Bob was hilarious. He kept taking pictures of everyone and everything and bought me a Big Pink, which is Sidewalk's signature drink - some sort of pink margarita.

Plus I also got to talk to Major Matt Mason USA, who I think reads this site and who I have a little tiny bit of a crush on. Hee.

I spent Sunday afternoon with Olive (since John had to work). She managed to dig up some old photos of John. Some of them were downright adorable and some were incredibly scary, like this one of him in his early twenties, looking much the same as he does now, but with long, wild, dark hair going past his shoulders. John's hair is very curly and wild, even at its present length of approximately two inches.

Unfortunately, it seems that I will not be allowed to scan these pictures. Pity.