Lies My Teacher Told Me
James W. Loewen

Walk Under Ladders
Joan Armatrading



Wednesday 29 May 2002

30 x 30

I'm not normally into collab-ish things, but read Athena's and it seemed like a fun thing to do. So: since 40 is so far away it is but a dream, I'm going to go with 30 things I want to do before I turn thirty (in approximately eight and one half years).

1. Graduate from Tyler School of Art magna cum laude (3.5 GPA).

2. Go to a good grad school. One that will hopefully pay my way.

3. Move to New York City.

4. Live in an apartment for more than a year, and decorate it fabulously.

5. Have enough money to get cable and HBO. Also a cable modem.

6. Eventually compile a truly fly wardrobe.

louise brooks

7. Get a Louise Brooks haircut (this one should be accomplished by next Thursday).

8. Own a bathtub with feet.

9. Learn to speak another language (I would love to learn Middle English, but somehow I think Spanish would be more useful).

10. Occupy the same living space as John.

11. Support myself doing my art.

12. Cure myself of addiction to soft drinks.

13. Live in San Francisco for a year.

14. Keep close female friends. Get back in touch with old ones.

15. Stop being bitter about my high school years.

16. Travel cross country with a good car, good music and a good friend.

17. Install and love my BFA exhibition (December 2003).

18. Go to Europe. Eat myself to death.

19. Build an enormous library of wonderful books.

20. Learn to listen to my gut.

21. Be patient enough to cook.

22. Be politically active and aware.

23. Write my memoirs. Or a novel.

24. Meet Joni Mitchell.

25. Learn to sew my own clothing.

26. Join a grrrrl band. Learn to play guitar. Perform at various East Village Bars.

27. Have a drink with Koba at Doc Holliday's in honor of my 21st birthday.

28. Be friends with my sister.

29. Pay back my parents for all the amazing things they've ever done for me.

30. Kiss a girl.

31. Drop acid.