Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 13:05:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bethany
Subject: brain = fried

hallo friends.

i feel like i've been on another planet lately, and i can't put my finger on why. i've just been so busy and in my head that i feel like i've forgotten that i'm even in Glasgow.

haven't been going out much lately. actually, i haven't as so much touched a pub since the night i got here (well, unless you count the winebar on Monday, which i don't). i just feel like i haven't any energy after working in the studio all day, going to the library and seeing various lectures. which isn't a bad thing, really.

i'm pretty elated about what i came up with during this week, both in terms of writing and ideas and actual making. we had the final crits today, and though nearly 4 hours long, it was a good one overall, and my crit was especially illuminating and strangely emotional. i felt like i was on the verge of tears while they were talking about my work, but i wasn't upset, just overwhelmed because Ken (one of the faculty at Glasgow) just got what i was trying to say, completely. it's a pretty powerful thing when it happens, which isn't very often. it's hard to explain, but it was a rush. an amazing rush.

needless to say, i'm pretty happy.

enough meta.

tomorrow we're going to Edinburgh for the day, and i plan to do some shoe shopping (Lauren shall be with me in spirit). and then Sunday we're having a last get together dinner type thing with everyone, and then we're not even going to sleep because guess what...we have to leave the hostel at 4 am to get an insanely early flight to London. so i'm probably not going to be too happy a camper when i get into Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

i really can't believe it's already over. i wish i had decided to travel some more after the trip, but my bank account also wishes that i have a steady job, so there you go.

we got the final dates for the Scotland show at Tyler, which i hope all of you can come to...November 16-22. i have a small solo show planned for late October, probably to just show my drawings, and then my BFA big ass senior show on December 9-13. whoo. i have my hands a wee bit full this coming semester.

well, cheers. i'll probably send another email before i leave. otherwise you can get a hold of me as of Monday afternoon.


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