Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 02:28:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bethany
Subject: the last

i can't believe it's already over.

went to Edinburgh yesterday for the day. it's such a beautiful place. the town is divided into two parts - the old part of the city, which is built onto a hill and includes the castle (which i didn't end up going into, admission was really expensive). there are lots of tall, narrow stone buildings and little alleyways called closes that you could walk in. so we had lunch at a pub on Fleshmarket Close, for example. I got a picture of that street sign. :)

did some shopping. i got a black wool wrap around shawl that i love (like i really need anymore shawls in my wardrobe). i saw some platform sneakers that i loved but didn't get (and now am regretting). got this cool little camera that takes four little pictures on each exposure. it's hard to explain, but it's really a nifty little thing that i can't wait to experiment with.

other than that, we just walked around a lot and took in the sights. the train ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh was a ridiculously easy affair. the two towns are about an hour apart, and the ride was very quick and quite comfortable. i love trains.

today everyone is getting together for a sort of farewell dinner, and i'm hoping that i can pick up a couple of last minute things, provided any of the stores actually open today. the opening hours of retail stores in this town are really depressing and hard to get used to. EVERYTHING closes by 6. i mean, everything. well, except Borders and the internet cafe. so you're walking down Buchanan Street, which is this huge retail district, and it's 6 pm, only it looks like it's about 3 pm, and everything is closed.


gotta go, now. this is the last email from the UK. it's been an amazing journey, and i'm sure i've just started to become cognizant of the things that have changed in me.

i will see you all when i get back, with many stories to tell and pictures to show you.

love to all

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