Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 09:46:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bethany
Subject: 'allo from London

(apologies for the bulk email, but i really didn't want to write essentially the same thing to everyone about 5 or 6 times. if you have something you want to say or ask, please do)

hello from my second day in London. right now it's 17:45, which is actually 5:45pm, which means it's 12:45pm where you all are.

this keyboard is weird. not all the keys are in the places where they are in the US.

so. the flight over was kind of arduous, and i was completely and ridiculously exhausted. I didn't end up sleeping at all on the plane. i was planning on listening to all kinds of music, but i actually got caught up in the little entertainment-type tv thingie on the back of my seat. i ended up watching Chicago (which i really didn't like all that much).

i slept well last night, everything feels pretty good. it's nice to get over my jetlag that quickly. Erica and Delaney (who are sharing my room) didn't sleep as well because guess what? the bar is right above our room (we are on floor -1, which is the basement). so it was apparently quite loud until about 2 am, though i slept right through it.

yesterday was just walking around a bit. we went to Buckingham Palace, and i took a lot of pictures and a few videos (one video was of one of the guards marching around outside of the palace). for dinner we went en masse to an Indian restaurant, and after that, we all bought a few bottles of wine (which you can get practically everywhere, which is so nice) and went back to our rooms and crashed.

today was the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern. The Tate Britain is a very small, nice museum. right now the majority of the museum is taken up with an exhibit by a guy named Turner whose first name i've already forgotten. i didn't like the work that much, but one cool thing the Tate does (that i often find missing in American museums) is that it gives ALOT of historical background, as well as drawing from philosophical and literary trends of the period. some of the stuff was about the Sublime, which i found very interesting.

the Tate Modern was AMAZING. i think it's probaby the best museum i've ever been to. I had this amazing piece by a woman that was a piano suspended upside down from the ceiling, and it had hydraulics that would allow the top and keys to move. i bought three postcards of it. but anyway, the Tate Modern is beautiful. one thing i liked about it (which Delaney pointed out) is that they have the "Old Masters" hung right next to more contemporary artists that relate to them.

we had to go across the Millenium Bridge to get to the Tate, and that was really cool.

so after that, we walked around a bit, went into St. Paul Cathedral briefly, and now here I am, at an internet cafe right next to Victoria station.

i've been on the Tube quite a few times already, and i find it smaller, quieter and more crowded than its New York City counterpart.

plans for later on in the week include Stonehunge, Averbury, the city of Bath, lots of walking, and possibly a play or two (we all want to see Chicago, and tickets are MUCH less expensive than in NYC, about 15-30, which i guess is about $25-50).

the exchange rate here sucks ass.

anyway, that's about it.

i'll write more later on in the week.

take care, all....


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