Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 09:58:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bethany
Subject: Banner day!

hi all.

writing this time from a little bagel place/internet cafe on Charing Cross Road, right near Covent Garden. I just had what might possibly the best bagel and lox sandwich ever (except they call it smoked salmon).

there seems to be some sort of medical emergency going on right down the road from me, there is actually a helicopter landed in the middle of the square. I shit you not.

i had a great day today so far, spending most of it by myself, doing my own thing.

last night me and a bunch of other people ended up going out to a couple of great bars. the drinks here are bitching expensive, but i managed nonetheless to get, shall we say, a bit inebriated.

today was our free day, and we spent the morning at Portbello Market, which is this huge street market in Notting Hill. I got some nice stuff there.

after i went back to the hotel to drop off said nice stuff, i set out to Covent Garden to a) get tickets to see Les Mis again (for like the sixth time or something) and to b) go to the London transport museum. I suceeded on both accounts. The transport museum was great, even better than the New York Transit Museum. it seemed to be much more geared towards kids, but it was still very informative (though there were some very scary mannequins occupying all the empty display cars and buses). plus it had a great gift shop.

walked around Covent Garden a bit. it was beautiful there and completely, unbelievably crowded. there was a Morrocan Cultural festival going on, with a lot of neat booths, including some beautiful pottery.

hm. well, judging by the noise, it seems that the helicopter has taken off.

more soon. i'll reply to everyone who has sent me mail as soon as can, probably in Arbroath.

til then-


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