23 March 2003
shock and awe

So after the events of the world during this week, everything from my new cell phone to my car breaking down to general relationship strife seems very stupid and unimportant.

We had a very brief reception for the opening of our book show last Wednesday. Me and several of my classmates were leaning against the windows, gorging ourselves on all the food we had made. Sharyn suddenly said, "So does anyone else find it weird that we're sitting here eating food when we're going to war in a couple days?"

I don't know. I keep hearing some version of this question everywhere, from the tv, the radio, my friends, my professors. I don't know how else to answer other than what else can I do. I can't see the point in getting upset and feeling guilty and mentally flogging myself for something I don't believe in and don't want. How can altering my life possibly honor all the people making sacrifices on my behalf?

I've quit the TV. I can't bear the drama any more. It's the least I can do for my sanity. These days it's just NPR and the BBC.

Watching the Oscars. I'm so glad Nicole Kidman won best actress. Get dumped by idiot husband, star in fabulous movies, win Academy Award. That's the way life should be, dammit.

Some other thoughts:

Michael Moore: Wow. Balls.

If people are concerned about the insane length of the broadcast, perhaps we should consider cutting out listing EVERY DAMN PERSON WHO HAS WON AN ACTING AWARD SINCE 1857.

Renee Zellweger's dress? Fabulous. She looked horrible, though. Gain some weight.

Wait. I'm confused...who did Roman Polanski fuck and why can't he enter the country?

I'm glad Chicago won. I mean, I loved The Hours, but a depressing movie about three lesbians isn't going to win Best Picture. I just hope this will lead to some sort of revival of movie musicals. These days, we need another Singing in the Rain. Or West Side Story.

reading: Pete Hamill, Forever
listening: Ani DiFranco, Evolve

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