5 March 2003
Things to do during Spring Break

1. Much needed haircut and dye, Tuesday @ 9:30 am.
2. Passport for Scotland (need birth certificate).
3. Choose Alternative Loan.
4. Buy underwear, socks, bras, various toiletries.
5. Find paper and various other supplies in parents' basement. Attempt to throw away eyesore pottery from high school.
6. Build two clamshell boxes for bookmaking. Attempt to keep all digits.
7. Make clay. Do not clean mixer out of spite.
8. Find Luggage (buy? or borrow from Olive?)
9. Email: Olive, Chris (hi, don't kill me, please), Alexis.
10. Organize and update website. Redesign if the mood suits.
11. Clean and seal tile coffee table, wipe down glass and find new rubber pads for it to rest on.
12. Oil charge at WalFart. Pray to car gods.
13. Get spider plant from Mom.
14. Call Deborah.
15. Clean basement, set up as studio. Push back the giant wave of Rachel's clothes littering the floor.
16. Finish five figures. Finish wedding dresses.
17. Figure out what to take next semester.
18. Look for large amount of discount fabric to: make curtains for living room, and cover ottoman and couch, hopefully.
19. Throw stuff for people. Mugs, bowls, lidded schtuff. Yum.
20. Relax. Ha.

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