26 May 2003
the long hello

My excuse this time is that I've honestly been too busy in the last month and a half to write. Well, too busy to write the way I want to, which doesn't favor sweet little anecdotes and half-told snippets from my life. How busy? School's been over for almost two weeks now, and I'm still catching up on my sleep deficit.

So much has happened. I really regret not writing it down.

I wanted to write at the end of April, and cleverly title this entry "Killer April" because that's what it was. I thought there was no possible way I could be as exhausted this time around as I was last semester. I was wrong.

I went to First Friday here in Philly on May 2nd. The first First Friday where I had a piece (a series of teapots) in a gallery downtown, and not just any gallery, The Clay Studio. And not only did I show the piece, I actually sold it. And not only did I sell it, I sold it on the first day the show was up. And not only did I sell the piece the first day it the show was up, I got a call from The Clay Studio last week commissioning me to do two more sets.

Yeah. So I spent most of May trying to recover from the all that. Someone actually paid a lot of money for something I made. And she was a clay artist too, which was probably the highest compliment I could recieve.

Lindsay's master's thesis show went up. Lindsay's master's thesis show went down. Insert much work, whining, and gnashing of teeth. I helped her out a lot, and even designed her a nifty website. Her show was amazing. Beyond amazing. You should've seen what her review committee wrote.

So another semester done. My second last. I finally went to the academic advisor at Tyler and yes, I am graduating with my BFA in January, barring anything unforseen from happening. And then...well, I want to go to grad school. All the applications for next fall are due in January and February, and a pile of work awaits. But I think I am also going to apply for some residencies, both at The Clay Studio and around the country, and see what happens. I like the idea of having a year between undergrad and graduate. I like the idea of moving somewhere unknown for a year, and seeing how I can rely on myself. But at the same time, I feel like I am not done with Philadelphia yet. Like I still have something to do here. But I don't know what. It's strange, this city has grown on me enormously. And I could see myself staying here.

So I went to see Jim In Bold. I actually only ever saw the rough cut at Lebanon Valley College - I didn't make it to The Kimmel Center for the actual premiere on May 2nd because it was the same night as my opening. It was much more emotionally effecting than I thought it would be. And I felt guilty, which was something completely unexpected. In the documentary one thing that was repeated more than a couple times was the fact that Jim had no friends in high school. It wasn't true. At least to me, it didn't seem true. I remember at Portfolio Club meetings and in all our art classes, he was always surrounded by people, always in a group. He was definitely loved, even though he may not have known it.

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