the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

27 April 2004
free love

i realized a couple days ago that fully half of the entries i've written in this last month have been about how much i hate my roommates. i didn't realize how fucking boring i was. i apologize.

still no sign of the pot. the rents came down to Philly this weekend, and while winding our way up Kelly Drive, my mother asked out of the blue, "so, have you found the pot?"

i was so completely out of it that it took me about half a minute before i realize she was talking about a cooking device and not something of a more illegal persuasion. ahem.

so, i have but two things to report:

one, is finally up and running. no photos of my work yet, but hopefully that will be added as soon as my life calms down a bit. take a look, and please tell me what you think of the design, artist statement, if you think my resume is too padded, etc. feedback is always welcome, though not always replied to promptly (ask anyone who's written to me lately).

two, in my quest to reduce the amount of stuff in my house, i am instituting a new program here on Hejira: FREE ART. here's how it works: Paypal or mail me $8.00, to cover postage (email me to find out my Paypal info). send me your address and i will send you a small piece of ceramic art. it may be a mug, a tumbler, a small sculpture. it's a grab bag, but i assure you, it will be quality. i have no desire to make money (well, no desire to make money in this endeavour, anyway), but a burning need to spread love via art throughout the lower 48. if you are outside the US, email me and ask about postage.

had a hell day at work today. made several large mistakes. now i have to go St@rbucks, which i am so not in the mood for.

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