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8 April 2004
a yarn to dye for (over and over again)

another yarn story, because i know you're all so interested:

for my main christmas present, John offered to take me yarn shopping. we ended up at School Products Co., Inc., a rather innocuously-named little hole in the wall store in the Flatiron district. i'm quite convinced it has the best selection and prices for yarn in New York City. so i bought (or rather, John bought for me) a fricking TON of yarn, so much yarn that it took the two of us to carry it. it took up two seats next to us at the sushi restaurant we ate at afterward. i bought quite a bit of Lamb's Pride Bulky (which could've been the best felting yarn in the world save the 15% mohair that makes it, well, rather hairy), and a huge 3 pound cone of 50/40/10 wool/alpaca/silk yarn in an off-white color. this yarn ended up having a rather long history whose latest chapter was written tonight, in a dye pot, in my basement.

(this color isn't entirely accurate - it's definitely not that orange)

i intitally dyed the yarn orange, with good ol' Rit dye, about two months ago. i had only bought two boxes of dye (one orange, one red), and so it ended up being a rather creamsicle shade than the searing red-orange that I was going for. but i tried my best to ignore that fact, and knit it up into a poncho, which i finally finished just this past monday. tried it on, looked at myself in the mirror and realized that my long-standing suspicions were true: i hated it.

so i ripped the entire thing out. that activity alone took me three days. i wound it into balls, took it to school, put it into hanks, and tonight i dyed it again, armed with enough red, wine and black Rit dye to turn half my wardrobe to the desired shade of Merlot. and, to my delight, the yarn came out exactly how i wanted: half of it a dark purpleish shade, and the other half a dark scarlet. i shall knit into a poncho again (using a different pattern this time), and call it Bruise. god help the poor schlub who utters the words "little red riding hood".

(quite proud of this little contraption i rigged up to let the yarn drip dry into the sinks)

so wrapped up was i in my little New York City drama that i forgot to mention that i had a job interview at St@rbucks yesterday. it went well, though the woman who interviewed me was alarmingly similar in dress and manner to one of my managers at Borders, right down to the out of control eyebrows in desperate need of a tweezer. i was even tempted to ask if she was a Republican lesbian with a thing for Xena: Warrior Princess, but i decided not to.

the interview went well, but the only catch was the store i applied to could not give me the hours i needed. so she's going to pass my application onto another store near me that's hiring, and hopefully that'll work out. she seemed very positive (very enthused that i already knew most of the drinks and therefore wouldn't require much training), and even said if it doesn't work out at the other store she'd definitely hire me at hers. so that's good. i just need it to happen now. i needed it to happen yesterday, so dire are my financial circumstances. i am looking forward to working at St@rbucks again, making the drinks, sporting the little green apron, looking cool. best part of St@rbucks? the transfer options are pretty open, so no matter where i end up in the fall, there will probably be a St@rbucks close by.

and finally: i took the plunge and started the process and listing all my worldly possessions on Ebay. the first ones aren't exactly worldly possessions, but it's stuff i'd like to sell, at any rate: some really nice little porcelain cups and some yarn that just wasn't my style. i'll be putting more stuff up for auction soon. take a look and maybe place a bid, huh?

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