the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

21 February 2004

can i just tell you how insanely happy i am over what has been happening in San Francisco? i was listening to NPR a couple days ago, and i nearly started crying. all of it just seems like a no brainer to me...i mean, as my father once said to me, how do i have the right to say who you can or can't love? it gives me hope for this sad, poor country. because i truly believe for all shittiness and awfulness that has gone down in the last three years, there has got to be something just as good to come along. there's a sea change coming, i can feel it. all the right people are getting angry in all the right ways - my generation, the supposedly apathetic 18 to 24 year olds suddenly aren't so apathetic. thank god it's actually becoming cool again to vote, it may be just the thing to take it all over the edge. i'm really starting to think there will be enough angry people in this country to throw the asshole out of office, and get things moving in at least somewhere near the right direction.


i'm finding this hard to believe at times, but i'm actually learning (and liking) to cook. from the girl who reguarly ruins Rice Krispy Treats and mac and cheese. i suppose most of this change has come from this one guy i work with who used to be a professional chef - he went to the Restaurant School and everything. and so a regular morning discussion has been: what did you have to eat last night? and instead of hearing "nuked hot dog" or "three slices of past due bologna", it's "brazed ox tails" and such. yeah, brazed ox tails.

so i have quiered him on various things. on monday night i successfully seared some tuna, and i was so excited i wanted to call him. i told him this the next day, to which he replied, "well, i'm in the phone book." still, i thought it a bit creepy and stalkerish so i had held off. tonight, a saturday night, i stayed home and made potstickers. he said make sure you get scallions, fresh garlic and ginger. ginger is very important. they turned out amazingly well, i made enough for about four meals. i even got a little steamer as well.

a word about my local supermarkets, however: i went to Acme to get the above ingredients; words cannot describe how much i hate Acme. i have been going there for literally three years and i still cannot find a damn thing i am looking for. i've gotten into the habit of avoiding mainstream american grocery stores, they're full of obnoxious people and food preserved to within an inch of its shelf life. i've gone mostly to Trader Joe's (the best place ever for frozen spanikopita and breaded eggplant cutlets, along with other organic goodies) and the Hanh Ah Reum, the Korean grocery store near me. i love Hanh Ah Reum, they have really cheap produce and tofu by the bucket. right now i am having a deep and passionate love affair with Thai peanut satay. i hope we'll last forever.

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