the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

18 January 2004
merry bitchmas

i need to bitch. i've been saving it for about a week now, just for you.

the fucking Eagles broke my (and half the city's) heart again. third time in a row. i can't say i'm surprised, really. and having them be in the superbowl would just be too much to bear, anyway. i'd have to go hide in my room.

this cold still persists. i lost my voice completely on saturday, which, as far as i can remember, has never happened to me.

so i was supposed to be teaching at a local art center starting next week. i got the job by pure seredipity - one of the former grad students at Tyler had to give up the classes she was teaching because she got another (real) job, so she mentioned it to me, and i jumped at the chance. last week i went for the interview, and it was really very pleasant and the woman who ran the place seemed to be really interested in what i had to say. she took me on a tour and everything. then i get a call on thursday night, out of the blue.

"we have a policy of seniority here, and another teacher expressed interest in the classes you were going to teach, so i gave to them. but i'd love to have you teach some workshops or classes this summer" etc etc.

i couldn't believe the nerve of this woman. promised me these classes, and then go give them to someone else? it was so completely unprofessional. i was tempted to tell her to go shove it, but i didn't want to burn that bridge quite yet. the whole summer thing will be nice, but it doesn't help my current state of no money.

so the week has been pretty much like that. i started my other job, and it's really cool (i know all the people who work there already, and even went to school with one of them), but it's only 3 days a week. so starting tomorrow, i have to look for another filler job until the first job becomes full time (which is unlikely). i have no idea what to do there. i don't want to go back to Borders if i can help it, more for the cost of gas to get all the way up there than anything else. maybe Starbucks. seems easy enough, and i have plenty of experience being a coffee whore.

realistically, though, i think i'm just going to start selling all my possessions on eBay. totally serious. i have too much crap anyway, and i'm at a point in my life where mobility is essential, and owning 600 cds and probably as many books is not congruent with mobility. maybe i'll have a little e-yardsale on this site, and you too can own all my old crap.

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