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31 January 2004
after that, more normal

home in Lebanon this weekend. i found out the strangest thing from my mother today. it seems that one (of the few) girls that i had a crush on in high school is now a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. of all the bizarre things. she's a dancer. i always seem to have a thing for dancers, at least when it comes to girls. my senior year i directed a one act play and cast her in it. she was in all the same singing groups as i was, and if i recall correctly, was a pretty good artist.

well, it heartens me to know that at least one person i knew has a good job and is making money in Philadelphia. cause it sure as hell ain't me.

when not at work, i spent the good part of the week on my quest of home improvement. a futile task, one might say, for someone who is moving in the next 5-7 months. but i mostly painted furniture, which is portable and will no doubt be fabulous enough to travel with me, wherever i go.

i painted: three stools, one chair, one coffee table, one shelf unit and two picture frames a lovely semi-gloss black. i am planning on decoupaging the coffee table with black and white pictures of naked women.

on the way to this goal i have discovered that: if you prime a piece of mdf with an oil-based primer, and then attempt to paint a latex water-based paint over it, it will not work. common sense, you would think. my only excuse is the paint fumes got to my brain and made me stupid.

i really like my studio at home. i could spend all day down there, and often i do. i am rather hooked up: thanks to an IKEA gift certificate from my wonderful boyfriend, i have tons of lights (which i mounted on the concrete walls all by myself, thank you), magazine holders for my ton and a half of magazines, and after this weekend, a bulletin and dry erase board as well as another table, courtesy of the 'rents.

not only that, my mom found an extra two burner hot plate at school, so now i can dye yarn down in the basement instead of upstairs in the kitchen.

it would be appropriate to post pictures of all these things. maybe i will tomorrow.

i also got a haircut and color today. my hair color choice tends to respond to the seasons: more reddish in spring and fall, blonde highlights in the summer, and dark brown in the winter. and so it was. last week i cut my own bangs because i couldn't stand it in my eyes anymore. it looked like it was cut with a blunt pair of scissors, which it was. but all that is fixed now. i am now tending more toward Betty Page than Louise Brooks. it looks fabulous. perhaps i'll post a picture of me soon, too.

i'll give you a topic: bethany uses the words "utterly" and "fabulous" in her journal far too much. discuss.

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