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9 July 2004
real estate again

so i finally put myself out of my misery.

i put a deposit down on the apartment i looked at last week. the first floor one, the one i was more fond of. i took another walk through yesterday (all the while cursing myself for forgetting my tape measure), and realized that it's small. really small. i'm not going to even fit a couch in there, a fact that i'm more upset about than i really should be.

but it's okay in the end. i'll be living alone (something i never thought i could afford to do in the city of Philadelphia), and it's small enough that i can afford to fix it up really cute. i have searched high and low for my IKEA catalog, to no avail. i think i gave it to my mother. i need some bookcases (which my dad may build), and a little kitchen table, since every table i have is too big.

to make myself feel better about its smallness, i made a list of the apartment's attributes:

1. ten minutes' drive from both of my jobs.

2. around the corner from the Korean supermarket i always go to.

3. ten minutes' walk to the train station.

4. on the first floor.

5. all hardwood floors.

6. windows in every room.

7. high ceilings.

8. heat and hot water included in the rent!

9. a friend of mine rents the unit upstairs.

10. another friend lives around the corner on Broad Street.

11. my street address will finally read Philadelphia, PA.

12. less than a block from two bus lines.

13. a small apartment will make me get rid of all the crap i don't need (or at least store it in my parents' basement).

14. 15 minutes to Center City.

15. i don't ever spend that much time in my apartment, so who cares?

16. it will test my creativity when it comes to storage.

the packing madness has already begun. it's going to suck mightily, but hopefully it will suck in very small managable increments. i've been taking home things by the carload. you try condensing an entire house's worth of stuff into 400 square feet. not easy.

this is consuming my life right now, so there is nothing else to report.

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