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21 March 2004
dirty laundry

i've tried to resist the urge to make this a catch-up list entry, but i am too tired, so that's what it shall be. poo.

got an insane bout of stomach flu a couple weeks ago that lasted a mere 36 hours, but had me in agony. TMI, perhaps, but i have not thrown up that much in years. the last time, as far as i can remember, involved a lot of Southern Comfort.

it caused me to miss Koba's gig with Afroskull, which i'm still sore about.

my car died in the middle of the street right after said stomach flu ended, but fortunately close enough to a church parking lot that i was able to roll in with relative ease. my car was fixed, except it ran ten times worse. i took it back, they prescribed $800 more worth of repairs. i declined ($800 is probably my total net worth right now), and after picking up my car on Tuesday, it ran even WORSE than it had ran to begin with (which was worse than before it broke down in the first place). those at the garage insinuate these problems are all in my head. i know they are not. the verdict? i can barely get poor Boris above 25 mph. that and i'm never going back to Fitzgerald's of Glenside again. bastards.

i hate my roommates. can i just say that again? i can't stand them. i've been pretty quiet about that whole part of my life on these pages, but i've frankly had just about enough. anyone who claims that boys are grosser than girls to live with, well, i will take that bet because i feel like i'm living with three 14 year olds. two of the three girls have never lived outside their parents' house/dorm room, and clearly do not understand that to live in a dwelling, one must clean it once in a while. they have been here since August 1st, and i honestly don't think either of them have cleaned the bathroom ONCE. not once. i managed to get Kelly to wash the kitchen floor, back in September or October, maybe. so i do all the cleaning. i feel like a fucking housekeeper in my own home. i feel like i'm the bad guy, the mother who is constantly bitching at her children to do their chores. i can only guess that this is karmic retribution for all the fights i had with my parents about cleaning my room.

i wouldn't mind the cleaning situation so much if i actually lived with interesting people. my roommates have zero personality. i mean zero. ever hated someone for just being themselves? these people have never done anything to me, not said a bad word to me, but i just cannot stand them. they are the most passive people i have ever met. i did confront all three of them on the cleaning issue back in the fall, and i got almost no response. not a denial, not "sure, we'll help you out", just nothing. they stared back at me as if i had five heads. one of them actually got scared of me and ran upstairs. i gave up then, and just did the cleaning myself, rather than try to beat my head against the proverbial brick wall. occasionally i'll get pissed off and leave some sort of nasty note on the fridge. i get no response. they just avoid me for a couple days until i've cooled down.

last night, came home after being in Indianapolis for five days, and the house is a sty. all the dishes are in the sink. there's crusted dried food on the countertop, the kitchen floor, the range. the garbage cans are still out on the curb, empty, from a trash pick up that happened on Thursday. the bathroom, well, all i know is when i walked in there, i immediately felt like i was in the Port Authority. nuff said.

these girls need to grow the fuck up, and fast.

still tangling with all these residency apps. they make my head hurt. the first of about nine goes out tomorrow. the biggest problem i've had is not so much getting the materials together, but rangling recommendations out of my former professors. some have been so helpful and willing (one even called me tonight, on a sunday, to let me know he was mailing them out to me tomorrow, bless his heart), but one in particular, well, it's been like pulling teeth. not sure why i'm surprised, because all my interactions with said professor have been like pulling teeth.

so i spent the last few days in Indianapolis going to NCECA. it's such a crazy, inspiring thing, to be around all these people who love the same things that you do, who talk in the same geek terminology that you do. that you can go to discussions and bring your favorite Cone 6 glaze recipe to share with the group. that i can wear a shirt that says "leatherhard" and not have anyone do a doubletake. ah, ceramics. there's really nothing like it.

Indianapolis, however, left something to be desired. it's a state capitol, and so it reminded me much of Harrisburg, a very 9 to 5 sort of city with big important greek-looking buildings and acres of parking lots. i might have written off the entire Indianapolis experience if it weren't two things: i went to the most amazing blues bar in the world, and i found the most amazing knitting shop in the world. music and knitting. it's really all i need.

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