the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

30 March 2004
rinse. repeat.

5:52 am : wake up, look in fear at the clock. back to sleep.

6:34 : wake up, look in fear at the clock. back to sleep.

6:59 : turn off alarm set for 7:00. back to sleep.

7:13 : wake up, look in fear at the clock. back to sleep.

7:20 : wake up, look in fear at the clock. back to sleep.

7:31 : out of bed. pick clothes off floor. miraculously find clean pair of underwear. curse roommate for hogging bathroom. try to shake off Super Big Gulp hangover.

7:42 : John calls with his usual wake-up call.

8:05 : in car.

8:14 : attempt to make car go by depressing gas pedal. no response.

8:17 : driving up Edge Hill Road, 10 mph. contemplate middle finger in my rear view mirror.

8:30 : arrive at work. brain dead.

9:00 : realize that the documents i wanted to print out at work are corrupted.

9:05 : drive home. thank god that i have a job that lets me go home in the middle of the day.

9:30-12:30 pm : work. get very dusty. talk to boss's son about Les Miserables and Chicago at length. wish i had a friend like him when i was 13. eat peanut butter and bread for late breakfast. field phone calls.

12:30 : order Chinese for co-workers and self. boss offers to treat for lunch. yay!

12:45 : go to post office. contemplate moving to post office since i seem to be spending so much time there. on the way in, harassed by a very angry man trying to get me to sign a petition. i decline.

12:45-1:00 : wait in line at post office. everyone seems to be on lunch at the same time.

1:00 : harassed by angry petition man again. pick up Chinese food across the parking lot.

1:15-2ish : food. hot and sour soup, steamed pork dumplings. half an egg roll.

2ish-4:00 : work. boss's son is getting rammy. try to avoid lapsing into a food coma. fail miserably.

4:00 : crazy old lady comes in, dumps what seems like half her house onto the counter and proceeds to fire about two dozen questions at me, most of which i have no clue about. i pass her to Brad. watch Brad make mental note to strangle me after 4:30.

4:35 : push last customers out the door.

4:57 : arrive home. disrobe and immediately climb into bed. take four ibuprofen and contemplate ripping out uterus.

5ish-6:27 : sleep. the best kind.

6:27-7:55 : read the best book ever. realize with joy that i still have almost half to go.

7:55-9ish : watching The Sopranos episode i missed. interrupted twice by phone: John and then my mom, who always calls me when she's on her way to or coming back from yoga. we discuss : John's job situation, my job situation, my Uncle Al, who is sick with some sort of internal infection, my severe case of cramps. whoo.

9:14 : realize that the jurying for the student show at Tyler is tomorrow at 10:00 am. curse inwardly.

9:30 : leave for school.

9:42 : stop at McDonalds for dinner. oh, the shame, the shame.

10ish-12:30 am : work at school. discover with great dismay that the platters i loved so dear last week have cracked and must be chucked. contemplate the feasibility of doing pottery. shake it off and put nose to grindstone.

12:52 : stop at 7-11 for another Super Big Gulp. ugh.

1:00-1:30 : work in studio in basement, laying out piece for student show jurying, while listening to BBC news.

1:30-2:15 : check email and write this entry. caffeine buzz beyond belief. snack on Cadbury egg. think that if this country were truly civilized, Cadbury eggs would be available year-round, like they are in the U.K.

after that : sleep, maybe.

this has been a sleep-deprived, caffeine-jacked collab for Wordgoddess.

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