the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

19 May 2004
serious inquiries only

i kinda don't know what to say here. there's so much i want to write about that i almost can't.

so i graduate from college tomorrow. yeah, college. tomorrow. i bought a dress that i love, and shoes that i love, and i'm going to look fabulous. afterwards we're going to go out for sushi.

today i managed to squeeze a grant for $590 out of Temple University to pay the balance of the tuition that was due. how i did that i have no idea.

in the the meantime, i got rejected from another residency, and a call from another one, with a request for an interview. the one that's in new york city. so i have this interview next Wednesday at 4, and i'm trying not to freak out and get my hopes up. but maybe my instinct was right. maybe i will end up in new york. it's a thought so insane that it almost doesn't seem real. just for kicks, i started poking around craig's list. i found quite a few places that would suit, and quite a few scary ones (i.e., trading sex for free rent; while i am very broke, i don't think i'm that desperate).

i feel like i am standing on the edge of my life right now. i'm on the verge of fulfilling a dream that, for better or worse, i've had since i was 12 years old: to live in new york.


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