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4 May 2004
the annoying life

supposedly i have to write this collab for Wordgoddess on the topic of "annoying". the easiest way to do this is just to sit down and list all the things that annoy me, but as i look back on this last month, that's been nearly every entry. how did i become so predictable?

well, my roommates continue to become more and more freakish. no sign of my cooking pot, either. i put a note on the fridge saying "please, if either of you know where it is, just let me know or return it to the kitchen, no questions asked" or something to that effect. do you have *any* idea how infuriating it is not to get a response AT ALL? i feel like i'm yelling into a void. talking to a flower pot. pick your metaphor. i left the note up there for three days, with a request to, if they didn't talk to me in person, to at least leave a note on the fridge. absolutely nothing. so, on the advice of my mother (advice that was given after she had drank three rum and cokes), i am LETTING IT GO. it still sucks mightily.

both of them moved their toiletries out of our bathroom. i'm not sure what to make of this, but is surpassingly weird. maybe they couldn't stand to have my stuff mingling with theirs?

working like a fiend lately. that's the reason i haven't updated too much, because i've nearly been working around the clock most days - one job, 8-4:30, the other, 5-11. not every day, thankfully, but still, it's taken a toll. i've been falling asleep by 11:30 and waking up, on my own, at 7:15 in the morning, like an old woman.

spent most of the week in Lebanon at the Spring Arts Festival. only three things were gained at this venture: a sunburned nose, a forceful reminder of Lebanon's white trash population, and $44. apparently no one is interested in handmade pottery in my hometown. i get pissed when i put in so much work for so little result, but i'm not particularly surprised. i'm currently looking into craft shows for later in the summer, perhaps in Harrisburg or Lancaster, which are somewhat larger markets.

my mom's school got closed at the end of last week (hence the rum and cokes above). it was renovated over last year, and since the newly remodeled building has opened, almost 10 teachers have gotten seriously ill with nervous-system related illnesses. so now the school is closed, the state agencies have descended upon the building and my mother and her coworkers are left to finish out the last five weeks of school at a church down the street. and they don't even know what's going to happen for next year. fucked up and strange, but i have to breathe a sigh of relief. at least no one else will get sick. one of my mom's coworkers was just forced to retire, and she can't even stand on her feet for more than an hour.

a link is here. not much of a story, unfortunately.

rejected by another residency, by the way. 3 down, 4 to go. i was supposed to recieve notification for one of them by May 1st, and here it is, May 4th, and not a word from them. i'm trying to figure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

this has been a highly predictable kind of lame-ass Wordgoddess collab. sorry.

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