the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

6 May 2004
queen of rejection

when we last left our heroine, she said:

"rejected by another residency, by the way. 3 down, 4 to go. i was supposed to recieve notification for one of them by May 1st, and here it is, May 4th, and not a word from them. i'm trying to figure if that's a good thing or a bad thing."

got the rejection letter in the mail yesterday. blah. four more of them and it's back to Lebanon!

so today was a nice day. a really beautiful day, weather-wise, even though i saw the entire thing through a haze of exhaustion. i made the spontaneous decision to try to get my car fixed AGAIN yesterday, because i couldn't stand how horrible it was running. i expected (or rather, hoped) it would be a quick thing, but they ended up keeping it overnight, which means i had to walk to work this morning. which wouldn't have been such a huge deal except that i had to be at work at 6:45. which means i had to leave the house at 5:45, which means i got up at 5 am. which, i'm sorry, is just too damn early unless i'm getting more money. to paraphrase Naomi Campbell, i don't get out of bed before 7 am for anything less than 10 dollars an hour.

walking to work at quarter of 6 in the morning was an odd experience - barely light out, no cars on the roads except for the occasional bread truck - but i was glad i did it. just to say i could. that i am in shape enough to walk three or four miles with no difficulty except for the fact that it was, well, quarter of 6 in the morning. i am not so much a lard ass anymore, i think i am fairly in shape, and i'm eating better now than i ever have. college, for me, was pretty toxic - never exercising, getting no sleep, eating at McDonald's daily. now i work sixty hours a week and wake up at 7:15 in the morning without an alarm. Um...

i got the car back this afternoon, and almost $400 later, it runs like an absolute dream. even better than it did before all of this crap happened. the people at the dealership were SO nice and bent over backwards to help me out. this leads me to think that i should stay away from general service places and stick to places that actually know something about Toyotas.

what else is new? i'm frickin' exhausted. what was the point of this? i can't remember.

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